Beating Hypothyroidism

Powdered Green Superfood

One of the keys to my plan for feeling better includes at least one serving of powdered green superfood-or as I prefer to call it- ‘swamp sludge.’


Because it’s supposed to provide highly concentrated nutrition for a reasonable price.  Depending on the brand you choose, each serving is said to provide 4-7 servings of veggies.  Even better, the ingredients used are organic so you don’t have to worry about a concentrated dose of chemicals.

After doing some research, and reading lots of product reviews on Amazon, I decided to give it a try…ignoring the reviews that said these products are delicious.  I know enough about supplementation to know that if something is really good for you, odds are it’s not going to taste good.

And I was right.  It doesn’t.  But it wasn’t until I’d ruined a few perfectly good smoothies that I decided to try it in four ounces of plain water.  Frankly, it didn’t taste nearly as bad that way, so that’s how I was taking it.

Part of a ruined smoothie…and this stuff is a LOT lighter in the photo than it is up close and personal!

After about a month I hadn’t noticed any improvement, but was so sleep deprived at the time that I decided I needed to make a better effort to spend more quality time with my pillow.  Unfortunately a schedule change made that a little tough to accomplish so I stopped ‘wasting’ the greens.

And now it turns out it might be a good thing.

According to Stop the Thyroid Madness (and lots of other websites), it seems that powdered greens are chock-full of goitrogens, something that can inhibit thyroid production.  With an under-active thyroid, this isn’t the best thing we can do for ourselves.

Goitrogens include cruciferous veggies, spinach, peaches, peanuts, radishes, strawberries (oh no!), and the worst offender of all…soy products.  Knowing that broccoli and strawberries are on that list just about breaks my heart.  But some are worse for us than others, while some of them don’t seem to have any affect at all.  I guess it just depends on the person, the condition of the thyroid, and how effective their meds are.

Apparently, though, if you cook these foods (yeah, that will work great for the fruits, won’t it?), it weakens the goitrogens, though anyone with hypothyroidism still needs to consume them in moderation.

So I guess I’ll see how hot the water is in my water cooler, mix the greens up in that and let it cool.  It’s not recommended to use it that way, but the website for one of the products I have says it’s better to have it that way than not at all.  Of course they could just be saying that to get you to keep buying their products, but I also know that you don’t kill all  of the nutrients in ‘real’ veggies by cooking them.

The whole strawberry thing is going to pose a bit of a problem, too, given my two-smoothie-a-day plan.  But I guess I’ll just split one serving between both and hope for the best.

And what else can those of us with hypothyroidism do except hope?  The whole treatment plan feels like a crap-shoot anyway.  Nothing but trial and error, so I’m not really surprised that figuring out which foods are okay for me is going to take a little experimentation, too.


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5 thoughts on “Powdered Green Superfood

  1. thankfully I don’t need to worry about the hypothyroidism but since I enjoy reading any thing you write will be following your journey with interest and praying for you to have great success.

  2. Shelly Immel on said:

    Very interesting about green foods and goitrogens. Thanks for sharing this! My husband, who doesn’t care for veggies per se, supplements w/ a green powder–and has thyroid issues. I’m passing this along to him.

    Chin up, Kristy. When you find the right combination, you will feel SO much better! And you’ll know more about how you did it and why, because you’re paying attention. That’s invaluable. XO

    • I’m glad you got something out of this, Shelly. I wasn’t really happy about the whole goitrogen thing, especially the strawberries and broccoli part, lol. But just because they’re on the list doesn’t mean that every person with thyroid issues will have a problem.

      It’s the same with the powdered greens. Some people use them with no problem. I’m going to change how I use them…to half a serving twice a day (so I’m not getting all of the goitrogens at once). If I don’t think that’s helping, I’ll just mix it in the hot water from my cooler, chill it and have it that way. But I’m using it one way or another.

      It does help to pay attention, doesn’t it? That’s why I started this blog. I want something I can look back at and say, okay, I wrote HERE that this worked, but that didn’t.

      I’ve got too much I want to do in my life to be dragging around like this.

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