Beating Hypothyroidism

Trying Not To Be Bummed Out

I’m not sure why this came to mind yesterday, but it did.  And I reacted the way I always do…by heading to Google to do some research.


Because I really am tired of being so exhausted.  Yes, the supplementation is helping, but it’s not helping fast enough.   So I suppose that’s what brought the memory to mind.  The memory of my three gluten-free months last year.  I remembered doing more things at some point, but couldn’t remember if it was the diet change that helped or not.

That sent me back to some older blogs on my website.  It took awhile but apparently I gave up gluten-containing foods somewhere around August 2nd.  On August 21st I noted that I might be feeling a little better, and was sometimes getting a little more sleep, but still felt more tired than ever on some days.

Then I scrolled slowly forward to find that on August 27 I spent the day driving around taking pictures for a book trailer.  In two different cities a good thirty miles apart.

On September 5th I wrote that I was feeling ‘pretty darned good,’ and had been for three days.  Even after getting too little sleep.

And finally, on September 27th, I said if I could never have bread or crackers again it was worth it…because the longer I was off gluten, the better I was feeling.

I didn’t find anything after that, but I know that in mid-October, I planned a bonfire for my mother’s birthday, something I hadn’t done for three years, mostly due to having my van totaled by a red-light runner on the highway for the first two.  But I just felt too tired when it rolled around again.

But it was also that bonfire that convinced me to give up the gluten-free lifestyle.  And the reason is so stupid.  I do not like hot dogs, but at that point I was craving one so bad I couldn’t stand it.  The only time I can tolerate them is either grilled, or roasted over a fire…until it’s pretty well blackened on the outside.

Apparently I’d convinced myself that I didn’t feel that much better (should have looked over the blogs, hmm?).  Besides, gluten-free was a pain in the neck…and pretty expensive, too.

But I made the change back easily enough.  No intestinal issues or nausea.  Clearly I’m not Celiac.  But the ever increasing fatigue indicates that I am probably at least a little gluten-intolerant.

Guess I’m going to take a few days to reacquaint myself with the fundamentals of the diet, stock up on some things, and spend that time pigging out on my favorite foods.  Not that I’ll give them up entirely.  If I decide I absolutely must have a hot dog…on a ‘real’ bun…I will.  If I’m craving chicken stew with fluffy dumplings, I’ll have it.   Just not very often.

And I’ll definitely be posting updates about how I’m feeling here.  Hopefully between that, increasing the nutritional density of my diet, and the supplementation, things will begin moving in the right direction in a big hurry.

I found this video tonight and thought it was worth sharing.


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9 thoughts on “Trying Not To Be Bummed Out

  1. good stuff Kristy. for years I was ‘gluten intolerant’. but I ate way too much of it in a short period of time (not an occasional hot dog) and now have had to take it out of everything I eat and touch. so take care now so you can still have a bit of it when you are craving. good luck. interesting video

    • Hopefully I’ll get to the point where I’m satisfied with nothing but gluten-free and won’t even think of cheating. My mindset is a lot different this time around though. I’m so fed up with being tired I’m ready to do whatever I have to do.

      I’m sorry you can’t have an occasional cheat though. It’s a little annoying to think that gluten is in toothpaste, and things we use externally. No wonder the health of people in so many countries is going downhill.

      It is an interesting video, isn’t it. That guy has a boatload of them on YouTube and I checked some out. In one he recommends giving up dairy products. Um…not quite ready to go there yet, lol. I’ve given up all sodas, and now I’m giving up gluten. That’s enough for the first three months of 2012! 🙂

  2. theproverbialwife on said:

    I have never thought of giving up gluten, I will be very interested by how it goes. My mom did a similar thing and she did feel much better, but it was so difficult to keep up:( I just went to yet another doctor- this one determined to help me thankfully. I will be starting B-12 injections next week and my synthroid dose was upped. I’m just so excited that a doctor listened to me and wants to “connect the dots”! Good luck with your change up of diet this week, hope it makes a difference!!

    • I never thought of it either, until I was researching last year. And then I quickly forgot the benefits I’d experienced.

      When did your mother try going gluten-free? I don’t know what was available to her at the time, but in Googling, and looking around the grocery stores in my area, I found some pretty good substitutes.

      Tinkyada pasta is very acceptable. Bisquick has a gluten-free version that makes passable biscuits. Betty Crocker has cake and brownie mixes that are pretty good, too. And Pamela’s baking mix makes excellent pancakes and fair biscuits. I just bought one of her bread mixes because of all of the positive feedback on Amazon. Also, Udi’s bread products are decent (frozen foods section of stores). And I found pre-made pizza crusts that put me in heaven (because I’m a big pizza lover).

      How cool that you’ve found a doctor willing to work with you. Mine is better than most, and I’m hoping she’ll switch me to Armor Thyroid early next month. Good luck with your changes, too. 🙂

  3. Shelly Immel on said:

    Rooting for you, Kristy!

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