Beating Hypothyroidism

D-Day Has Arrived

So far, so good on the first day of my forever gluten-free lifestyle.  Unless it involves a slice of coconut cream pie or dumplings every once in a great while.  But before it comes down to that, I’m going to keep looking for something that will satisfy those cravings…something without gluten.

I wasn’t sure what my attitude was going to be when I woke up this morning.  Would there be a little residual resentment lingering?  Would I come up with one more thing I had to have…and postpone starting until tomorrow?  Would I actually be excited?

The answer to all three questions is no.

It’s hard to describe how I feel, when you get right down to it.  There is no sense of loss like there was last year.  No sense of panic, anger or any other negative emotion.  Maybe it helps that I had three months to play around with the diet and learn what was available, so I know what to expect now.  That it’s not all deprivation and nasty food (although, to beat a dead horse, those lasagna noodles were really nasty!).

I don’t want to say that I’m resigned, because that makes it sound like it’s a bad thing.  Maybe hopeful is a better word.  Confident, empowered, challenged, determined…they all work fine for my present state of mind.

It always felt like I was being a little dramatic when I would write that I wanted to ‘get my life back’ following an auto accident in 2008.  And it might have been.  But it was true.  It still is, only now it’s for a different reason.   I just want to feel good and energetic again.  I want to think clearly.  I want to be able to write without feeling so exhausted that I’d like to nap…for two days.

So I’m taking the bull by the horns and I am getting my life back.  I will do everything I want to do, when I want to do it…and stop feeling like I’ve been hit by a truck afterward.  Hypothyroidism and gluten-sensitivity are finished controlling my life.  I’m getting my energy back!

Now I want to share something I found out about this weekend.  I’m not sure what path led me to this particular subject, but I’m really glad I stumbled onto it.

Digestive enzymes…

An article at says that people with hypothyroidism likely have inadequate digestive enzymes.  Another at says that inadequate enzymes slow your metabolism, and we all know that a slow metabolism makes it nearly impossible to lose weight.  Inadequate digestive enzymes can also contribute to fatigue because your body isn’t getting all the nutrients from your foods that it should be.

I don’t know about anyone else but usually, within half an hour, I’m so tired I can hardly keep my eyes open after I eat.  It also feels like it take hours for my food to digest.  Like it just sits like a stone in my stomach forever.  It’s always uncomfortable, and sometimes downright painful.

Those things didn’t happen both times I took the enzymes yesterday.  Well, not at all the first time.   The second time there was still a little bloating, but not nearly as much as has become normal for me.  But that time I’d had some cheese, and I’ve had trouble with that off and on for years.  Not that I’m ready to cut dairy out of my diet or anything.  I’m making quite enough changes right now, thanks very much.

Just a really quick addition here…

All I’d had to eat early in the day was a yogurt and a few bites of a too green banana (yuck…they’re powdery when they’re too green…and they taste bad, too).  So I didn’t have any enzymes until supper.  Once again, I’m impressed.  No full, bloated feeling…at all.  Guess I’ll be ordering a bigger bottle from Amazon before I go to bed tonight…because these babies are going to be a part of my life for as long as I need them.

I’d read about the ‘oatmeal test,’ so I was very pleased to find a video that demonstrated it.

***Yet another quick addition…I would strongly, strongly, strongly advise against taking triple strength fish oil (1400 mg) softgels within a few hours either way of taking digestive enzymes.  Even if it says ‘enteric coated’ on the label.  Even if it says no fish burps.  I’ve been taking them for awhile and never had a problem…until I took it with supper.  Never again.  YUCK!


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4 thoughts on “D-Day Has Arrived

  1. Shelly Immel on said:

    Woot! Digestive enzymes! It’s so exciting to find something that makes an instant difference. YAY.

    If digestive enzymes don’t handle everything for you, you might check into “leaky gut syndrome.” Sounds lovely, doesn’t it? It causes / results from bowel issues, and is associated w/ food allergies & sensitivities. Basically it means the lining of the gut lets particles through that it should screen out, resulting in inflammation and other bad stuff.

    Hmm. That was supposed to be helpful, not depressing.

    On a more positive note, Lemon Drop OmegAvail from Designs for Health! I know I’ve mentioned it before, but really, if you want to get away from that disgusting dead fish aftertaste, it’s the way to go. (Do NOT buy any other flavor from them.)

    Prepared, deeply motivated, and supported – you are on track for success, Kristy!

  2. Hmm. I hope the whole leaky gut thing isn’t something I have to worry about. If, after a full month on this new plan, I’m not seeing HUGE improvements, I may look into that. (The impatient part of me wanted to see major miracles happen over the past two days but, alas, other than the benefits from the enzymes, there’s no change…but there will be.)

    I still may look into the Lemon Drop OmegAvail, but as long as I take what I have with a meal (MINUS the enzymes, or on an empty stomach), I don’t have much trouble with it.

    Thanks so much for the support, Shelly. I AM on the track for success. I can’t remember another time when I’ve felt so in control…or motivated. Now if I could just control how fast I get the results I’m after. 🙂

  3. you are a font of informaiton Kristy. I’ll have to check these sites out.

  4. I don’t know about that, Louise. I just like to research, especially when I have a problem like this fatigue. It’s very motivating to find something that will help. Not that I just take the recommendation of one source. I have to have it confirmed by other reputable sources before I’ll try something. And then August, who is a certified nutritionist, confirmed that enzymes are very beneficial for your metabolism, so I bought a bottle (and just ordered two more from Amazon).

    I’m going to keep a sort of diary for my next post, because I swear I started feeling a little better last night. And it’s continued through today. But I’d have a hard time knowing whether it’s from the addition of enzymes or the other stuff I’ve been doing is finally starting to work. Maybe it’s a combination of both. 🙂

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