Beating Hypothyroidism

Some Improvements?

I know it’s a combination of all the things I’m doing, but I’ve slacked off the supplements recently, and the coconut oil is back to hit and miss.  So I’m guessing it’s either the increase in the Synthroid dose, nearly five weeks of being gluten-free…or the enzymes (which I’m still taking daily, but not as often as I was at first), but something is helping…a lot.  I’ve felt more alert for the past three days.

Yeah, yeah, I know.  I need to make the supplement schedule I keep promising myself I’ll make.  And I would…if this stupid printer would work.  It’s just a couple of months old but something happened between the first time I used it and the next time (maybe a month later) Itriedto use it.  For some reason, it’s easy to ignore a handwritten note, which I may have to try…and hope for the best.

Almost three weeks into the electronic cigarette-less life.  Some days are still pretty hard (today was one of those days).  I’ve had so much stress, from so many directions, that I just want to run away for awhile.

I did make a great discovery today though.  One of my issues has been a recently deceased modem…and the never-ending problems in trying to get another one to work…not only for my computer, but my kid’s computers as well.  Two modems later, and hours on the telephone with tech support…and I’m facing more time with tech support tomorrow.

However, while out getting the second modem today, I decided to check out Domino’s new gluten-free pizza.  Not only that, I ordered one made like cheese bread…but with only mozzarella (I don’t care for cheddar on cheese bread).  The pizza was really good…but the ‘bread’ was fantastic!  I won’t get it really often…it’s a thirty minute drive to a large, heavily trafficked city.  But I will sometimes.  Unless I can persuade the owner (who happens to be a cousin) to open one out here.  🙂

Not much else to report, I’m afraid.  Between the blog tour, the toothache, power going out twice(maybe it’s time to replace the transformer, electric company?!), my life has been crazy the past week or so.  I missed my Saturday post again.  Of course seeing The Avengers twice over the weekend didn’t distract me at all…

Unfortunately, I CAN relate…

This one also describes the past couple of days fairly accurately…but I won’t post it.  If you’d like to see it, here’s the link:  Cute little stressed out duck.


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3 thoughts on “Some Improvements?

  1. i’m glad you’re feeling better. i’m off my supplements as well. not sure why. but i need to get back into the routine. that and eating well. sheesh

  2. I’m beginning to think this happens because we feel slightly better when we take them but, because there’s no major improvement over a couple of months, the enthusiasm wears off. This expression is used (though altered) for a number of different situations, but still appropriate for hypothyroidism, I think. We probably didn’t start feeling this bad overnight, so we’re not going to feel better overnight either.

    I don’t know about you, but this kind of ‘snuck up’ on me over a period of several years. First it started with some unexplained weight gain. Then the inability to REMOVE that unexplained weight gain. Then slowly I started feeling not as good as I had. But it was slow enough that it didn’t jump out at me. Then the accident fouled everything up for about three years, taking my focus off all of that.

    So at least for me, I have to commit to the long haul. I also have to STOP starting books in a series I love at two in the morning….because I’ll be reading until six or later, lol. At least I finished it this evening so that won’t happen again. Hopefully I’ll catch up on some sleep when I go to bed. 🙂

  3. Shelly Immel on said:

    Hi, Kristy. Sometimes we feel better than we deserve, sometimes worse than we deserve. But you’re right – the good stuff adds up over time.

    Sorry I haven’t been around online lately – I’ve been battling my own health issues, and trying to get ready enough to go on vacation…which I’m now on. I just hopped online long enough to announce my blog post and answer a few emails and check in with a few friends to let them know I’m not ignoring you! I’m ignoring the whole world (see how that’s different?) that isn’t this little patch of forest, mountains, ocean and whales. I’ll be back online in 10 days or so, with pictures.

    Until then, let’s all de-stress, take our supplements, and heal! Here’s to feeling better! XO

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