Beating Hypothyroidism

Learning As I Go

Okay.  So I’ve been taking digestive enzymes since April second.  And they were just amazing…for the first few weeks.  But then I noticed I was beginning to feel full for hours after meals again.  I put it down to slacking off my water intake, but that didn’t seem to make much of a difference.  But I figured they must be doing good things because they were supposed do good things.

Well I got a little annoyed a few days ago and started Googling.  I wish I’d thought to take note of the two websites I found, but I was too tired to think of it (more on that in a second).  The first suggested that acidophilus might make them work more effectively.  That does make sense.  Not only does it help keep good bacteria in your intestines, it’s also for digestive health.

The other one suggested that the body can get too much of a good thing.  It’s possible for anything to become ineffective if you don’t take some days off.  That’s exactly how it works with melatonin and echinacea (an herb).  So I started taking the enzymes every other day.  It might be helping, but I’ll have to see how it goes.

Now why was I tired?

My cousin warned me that Domino’s offers a gluten-free crust, NOT a gluten-free pizza.  But I guess it really didn’t register.  And I truly wish it had.

Within 24 hours I was feeling exhausted again.  Not only that, I’ve had a lot of sinus pressure…and two days ago I had a pretty nasty headache.  Another thing I wish is that I’d realized this yesterday (Thursday), because I had another slice each of the pizza and cheese bread.  My sinuses have been worse again today.

I had gone back to my notes on blogs from last year because I was feeling a little better.  Sure enough, things seem to be moving along at a similar pace this time around.

Or they were until I started eating that pizza.  In Domino’s defense, they have a video with a disclaimer.  The pizza is NOT for anyone with Celiac’s, but should be fine for anyone with a mild sensitivity to gluten.  Apparently mine isn’t as mild as I’d hoped it was.

Does anyone else find themselves getting angry about any of this stuff?  I don’t get that way very often but I have to say that between the hypothyroidism, possible metabolic syndrome (still dragging my feet on the testing for that one…fix the thyroid first…then look at other things) and gluten issues, I’m pretty annoyed this week.

Diet and exercise don’t help get me in shape at all.  It’s all a waste of time until we find the right dose of Synthroid or Armour.  It’s all good for better health, but still discouraging.  Now I have to give up good homemade bread, thick and yeasty pizza crust, donuts, flour tortillas…and a host of other gluten-containing foods I love. 

Tonight my kids and I met my mom, siblings and their families at a fancy restaurant in town for an early Mother’s Day celebration.  My brothers are playing softball all weekend so this was the only time we could all get together.

This restaurant has wonderful loaves of warm bread.  I mean it’s delicious.  But I could only sit there and try to distract myself while everyone was enjoying it…and salads with croutons.  Everyone, it seems, can have croutons on their salads.  If I hadn’t noticed one lone crouton on my salad, I wouldn’t have known that whoever prepared it put them on, then removed them.  It’s a pain to always have to draw attention to the fact that you can’t have this or that.

And you’re so limited in your meal choices when eating out.  Fast food for me?  A Burger King plain Whopper patty and a Wendy’s baked potato.  Thank God for Frosty’s or it would be a boring meal.  Sit down restaurants?  Meat, baked potatoes, salads and veggies. No Mexican food.  Nothing with pasta.  No bread products.  No biscuits.

Tomorrow my daughter and I are getting together with my mom and aunts and uncles again.  It’s always a food-fest.  And I have to come up with a dish to pass that I can have so I don’t have to prepare something separate.

It does make me mad.  I’ll get over it, but this week my nose was rubbed in the fact that I’ll never have good pizza or bread again.  Not if I want to avoid added fatigue, sinus pressure and headaches.

Even while I was typing that my eyes were drawn to a package of crackers on my desk.  Thanks to the European brand, Schar (with two dots above the ‘a’), life is a little easier than it could be.  These ‘Table Crackers,’ if I haven’t mentioned it before, arewonderful. No, they aren’t a saltine, but they’re pretty darned close.  And best of all, they don’t have a rice cake texture.  They have a crumbly cracker-y texture.

But Schar also makes bread products…and they’re much, much, much better than the other brand I was using.  In addition, I bought a bag of their shortbread cookies.  When I think shortbread, I think Lorna Doone’s (I love Lorna Doone’s!).  My hopes were quickly dashed when I saw them.  They taste like those round cookies that have a hole in the center and scallops on the outside.  Crushed, and mixed with some melted butter, they make a wonderful no-bake pie crust.  I think these will work just fine, so I’m experimenting with a chocolate pie tomorrow.

So angry as I am at the things I have to give up, I guess there will always be a part of me that tries to see the silver lining.  It could be worse.  A whole lot worse.  It could be carbs in general that I can’t tolerate.  And let me tell you, gluten-free carbs are better than no carbs at all.

Oops.  One more quick note.  Did I mention that I tried corn spaghetti noodles last week?  Could not tell the difference between it and regular spaghetti noodles (except these were pretty yellow).  That made buying the curly noodles a necessity.  They made lovely ‘mac’ and cheese.  I used some for another dish but I can’t remember what it was (that’s how tired I’ve been since the pizza).

So basically it’s been one step forward and two back this week.  Sigh…


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3 thoughts on “Learning As I Go

  1. I do get PO’d about the celiac stuff. it’s a pain in the butt. I spent a fortune on hair care products in Chicago and have used them religiously. guess what? Cradle cap again. sheesh. it is more irritating that I can say. shampoo in the morning and by noon my scalp is yucky and itchy. not fair. and i’m sick of it.

    rant over. thanks for lsitening

  2. Thank you, Louise! I’m going to see what’s in the shampoos I use. I tend to have really dry skin around my hairline (forehead area) and it drives me nuts. Nothing helps except diligent exfoliating. I’d forgotten that I need to pay attention to what I put ON. I don’t know for a fact that it’s my shampoos or lotions that are causing it, but it’s worth a try to check it out.

    I’m sorry you spent so much on stuff that you can’t use. There needs to be a law that ALL allergens must be CLEARLY marked on EVERYTHING.

    Glad I’m not the only one who gets a little ticked. My family is having home-cooked fast food-type stuff for supper tonight. It would be nice if I could just nuke something for me, but I have to go out and cook some chicken breast tenders for me. And I’ve just gotten to the point where, when they want real fast food, I just come home and cook something for myself. A plain Whopper patty and baked potato gets old in a hurry. 😦

    It wouldn’t be so bad if I could just shake this darned fatigue for more than a few days at a time. I love to cook, but it’s not easy to find motivation when all you want is a nap.

    • i think it’s cream rinse – even though they’re gluten free, there’s something else in them, I htink. now i have to test it all out again. and yes, i’m tired of it.

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