Beating Hypothyroidism

Hot and Cold

Who knows how long my hypothyroidism went undiagnosed.  Based on memory alone, I’ve had the most common symptoms for about fourteen years.  Some even longer.

I’ve said for as long as I can remember that a ‘normal’ temperature is probably a low grade fever for me.  The average morning reading on my thermometer is 97.0-97.5.  It’s usually somewhere close to what’s considered normal by the time I go to bed, and sometimes earlier…depending on what I’m doing or how hot it is wherever I happen to be.  I didn’t discover until after I was diagnosed that it’s a clear indication of a thyroid problem.

One problem I didn’t associate at all with hypothyroidism are the issues I have with heat in the summer.  It’s not a typical symptom and is, in fact, associated more with hyperthyroidism.  Of course I have to be one of the oddballs who experiences both heat and cold sensitivity (and I am far from alone in this).  Anything between around 30 degrees…all the way up to 65 degrees and I’m comfortable.  Above or below those temps and I’m miserable.

But feel much, much worse in the summer.  It’s almost like someone flips a ‘turn Kristy off’ switch in the middle of May, and then a ‘turn Kristy back on’ switch in late September or early October.

I always feel like I’m melting in the summer, but I never actually do…

And it’s here.  It’s supposed to hit the mid-80’s this weekend and I just dread it.  Time to get the air conditioners going and avoid going outdoors as much as possible.  I’ve been hoping that the Synthroid would level my internal thermostat out…but so far, no real improvements.

Since I can’t figure out why my three month old printer isn’t printing, I took the time tonight to write down side effects from two different websites (one being WebMD) for my doctor.  I couldn’t find the websites that listed so many more for Synthroid, but these are fine with me.  The side effects for both Armour Thyroid and Synthroid on these two sites are pretty much identical.  I’ve put them in an envelope in my purse in preparation for my next appointment.

So off that subject….

It took longer than I thought to bounce back from the not so gluten-free pizza incident (won’t make that mistake again!).  I’m doing better with the supplements and coconut oil, and being a little more productive again.

This coming Wednesday will be five weeks off the electronic cigarettes.  Most of the time I’ve been okay with it but some days I’m ready to pack it in an place another order.  So far I’ve resisted…and will continue to do so.  I like the fact that I can already walk faster without getting so out of breath.  That I don’t feel congested by the end of the day.  That I rarely cough or clear my throat anymore.

The nicotine gum, however, is a different story.  I am using more of that but I’m not going to worry about it for a couple more months.  One addiction at a time here…of the nicotine variety.  My raspberry Bismark craving feels like an addiction, and I’m going to have to break down and see what I can come up with.  I was just hoping that we’d have a freak cold front move in.

Oh hey…  I picked up some gluten-free foods on clearance at a local grocery store.  If you ever see something called ‘puffed corn cereal,’ don’t buy it.  I thought I was getting something along the lines of puffed wheat.  Um….nope.  It’s actually the puffy part of real popcorn.  I poured some in a bowl, added sugar and milk…and prepared to enjoy it.  And then I noticed hulls still attached to some of the pieces.  Sure enough…popcorn.

It wasn’t horrible, but I won’t be doing that again.  I’m going to try to turn BOTH bags (yes, I bought two) into caramel corn or something.

At least now I know why it was on clearance…


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6 thoughts on “Hot and Cold

  1. you have an interesting life, Kristy. puffed corn?

    • You just made me laugh out loud, Louise. Yes I do have an interesting life. If there’s something weird that will only happen to one in ten million people, I’ll be that one person. I have to say that popcorn that some company is trying to pass off as cereal rates pretty high on the weird list. Seems to me like that’s GOT to be false advertising, lol.

  2. I found your post so interesting because I too have temperature issues and am on thyroid medication. My body hates humidity! And I also think I still have hot flashes (sigh). Thanks for posting. Yours in misery, unfortunately, likes company. 🙂

    • Fortunately I don’t have to worry about hot flashes…yet. Although a quick note here…something I’m doing has normalized my periods again. They were still coming on schedule but were horrible and lasting about a week. Now they’re back to 3-4 days. Yay!

      I, too, hate humidity. Wouldn’t it be nice if thyroid meds would regulate our thermostats? I would like to enjoy summer again. Although I can’t really remember ever enjoying summer…

  3. Shelly Immel on said:

    Hey, Kristy. I’m a middle-temperature-range kind of girl, too. Thyroid medication made a big difference in my cold sensitivity, but only a little in my heat sensitivity. So of course I live in Houston, where it is both hot and humid for several months a year. One more reason why vacationing in Canada last week was so blissful!

    Congrats on your month off of electronic cigarettes! You go, girl!

    • Hi, Shelly…
      Thanks! Hopefully I can stay off them. Today was one of the rough days where I was ready to pack it in and order some more. Thank goodness I tend to be a really stubborn person.

      I can’t imagine living in the south. I tried it once when my youngest was a baby…Tennessee to be specific. All I did was go from my air conditioned car, to my air conditioned job, to my dad’s air conditioned house. I was only there three weeks so I hadn’t found an apartment or house before packing it in and moving back to Michigan.

      Michigan is humid all summer, too…and I’m miserable for the entire season. But you know what? Now that you mention it, I wasn’t freezing as much this past winter as I have been for a long time. I’d rather be too cold, though, than too hot. And I wish I was in Canada this week. It was nearly 90 yesterday…and around 70 today. I want to see snow! 🙂

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