Beating Hypothyroidism

Normally I Wouldn’t Do This…

…meaning two extra posts in the same week.  I guess we can consider them replacements for the two Saturday’s I forgot about during the blog tour.  Or maybe one of the days was when I was so pumped about seeing The Avengers..first or third time.  🙂


I want to get this down and out there because I’ve been dragging my feet about doing it.  I figure if I make it public, I’m more likely to follow through.

As of this minute, 3:46 a.m., I have everything ready for a trip to the pool tomorrow.  I haven’t been there in months, and I can tell the difference.  Just a two block walk this afternoon left me in so much pain I wasn’t sure I’d make it back to my van.

I think I’m between what some would call a rock and a hard place.  My injuries from the accident require that I do things like work out in the pool, and other exercises that I’ll list here in a minute.  The hypothyroidism, however, makes me so tired that it’s a chore to make myself do any of it.

To elaborate just a little, three years ago last month I was told by a pain management specialist that I just needed to accept the fact that wheelchairs, walkers and electric grocery carts should be a part of my daily life.

My blunt (and crude response to that)?  Screw you!  No, I didn’t actually say it out loud, but if she could have read my mind, I was shouting it.  That was my one and only visit.  Even my doctor was offended by her suggestion.

You know what?  I was diligent about going to physical therapy three days a week for nine months and, when I’m being good, no one can tell that there’s anything wrong with me.  Because the pool and other exercises control the pain to such a huge degree that my life is pretty much normal…if you don’t factor in the fatigue from my thyroid issues.

And that’s where my current problems stem from.  So I’m just going to suck it up and do what I need to do.  The pain has gotten to the point where it’s seriously affecting my sleep…and quality of sleep.  I’ve gotten about nine hours in the past 84.

So here is what I’m adding to my current plan…

* Work out for 45 minutes, three afternoons a week…working back up to six days weekly.

* Start using my treadmill for something other than a napping place for the cats.  Since walking is so painful right now, I’m going to start off with 5 minutes, three times a day, most days a week, increasing it to 15 minutes, three times a day, most days as I’m able.

* Do my physical therapy exercises EVERY DAY.

* In a couple of weeks, start doing gentle strength training with 2 pound weights, working up as I’m able.

All it will take is a couple of weeks doing these things consistently before I’m almost back to normal again.

Why now?  Because my daughter and I were talking about going to Michigan Adventure in August or September.  It’s a pretty large amusement park, requiring lots of walking.  Or riding in a wheelchair.

Guess what?  If I didn’t give in to that option three years ago, I’m not going to start now.  I’ll spend the day at Michigan Adventure…and I’ll spend it there getting around very nicely on my own two feet.

I intend to be getting around very nicely on my own two feet when I’m eighty, too.  Which means that exercise and stretches are going to become a daily habit.  Every single day of my life.

Okay, so I’m just going to think about going to the pool today.  One day at a time.  I can do anything for one day.  And then I can do it for one day tomorrow, too.


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9 thoughts on “Normally I Wouldn’t Do This…

  1. ouch – darn you Kristy – you’ve posted the big thing I don’t do and know I should. I used to work out and felt great. looked good and had muscles. now i’m going to have to think about doing it again. what a way to start friday

    • LOL! Sorry about that, Louise. If it makes you feel any better, I hadn’t been able to get much more sleep and was still so tired that I didn’t get to the pool Friday OR Saturday, and Monday was Memorial Day here so… Tuesday it was. I still didn’t want to go (sleep deprivation is still a big issue), but I sucked it up and…was an idiot, per usual. The thing about working out in a pool is that it doesn’t FEEL like you’re working out. And I really was trying to be careful. Just not careful enough…so I’m heading back there today in an attempt to do some damage control (i.e. same workout, but a little less, and lower intensity…in hopes that my muscles will STOP screaming at me).

      Like me, though…once you start, you’ll be glad you did. It might take a few years…I mean weeks (maybe), but when you begin to feel better, it WILL be worth it. Now if I could just add the rest of the stuff on my list. Hopefully by the end of the week I’ll have a better handle on this whole insomnia thing. 🙂

  2. Shelly Immel on said:

    Bravo, Kristy! Great combination: being gentle with yourself about starting out with short exercise sessions + being firm in your determination to get on a schedule and do it every day. What could replace that? You rock!

    One question for you to consider as you get back in the groove: when you exercise, does it make you more tired for a long period afterward, or do you rebound to your pre-exercise energy level (even if that’s not great to begin with)?

    If you don’t rebound, you many need some support for the Krebs cycle, for your mitochondria, or for some other part of the systems that create energy for the body. If the energy problem isn’t solely due to your thyroid levels, you may be able to find additional ways to support your body which not only feel better but also take some of the strain off your thyroid.

    I’m not looking to borrow trouble for you if it’s not there! But I have often discovered multiple causes for my own health issues, and supporting all of them helps each one heal.

    Swim, woman, swim!

    • It seems like I’ve spent such a long time in a ‘fog’ that I can’t even remember how I felt after starting at the pool last year. I’m going to assume that it wasn’t too rough because I started right off going six days a week.

      That’s an interesting thought about the Krebs cycle. I’ve heard of it, but don’t know a whole lot about it. So…when I get home today (probably after a nap, lol), I’ll have to do some research. The goal IS to feel better (more AWAKE), so I’ll be looking at anything that might help! Thanks for mentioning it. 🙂

      I don’t actually swim at the pool. I use resistance things and do my workout in the water. I’ve never been especially skilled at ‘swimming.’ 🙂

    • I can answer that question now, Shelly. It makes me feel really bad. It took about an hour for the exhaustion to hit me, and another hour after that before I realized that even though I’d tried to be careful, I’d overdone it AGAIN. I wound up taking a two hour nap (not cool for the insomnia issues!), hoping I’d feel better when I got up. It did help some, but I’m still really tired…and, as I told Louise, my muscles are protesting up a storm. Hopefully after a week or two these things will stop being a problem. 🙂

      • Overdoing it – so easy to do, so annoying to have to recover from.

        I am not surprised that you’ve decided to do a little less but more often. It’s less convenient in terms of scheduling, but I find daily habits easier to establish – if I don’t tire myself out too much to do anything the next day. I hope you find your stride soon with this, Super Woman!

      • It sure is easy to do…especially in a pool because it doesn’t ‘feel’ like you’re working out. It just feels like playing…until you get OUT of the water, lol. I actually felt much better after going back the next day…and taking it a little easier! I only managed to get there three days last week, and once this week. I won’t be going again until Saturday (I hope) or Monday, thanks to one of the perks (NOT!) of being a woman. LOL…Super Woman. Probably closer to a woman desperate enough to find lots of energy again. But thanks for the encouragement. 🙂

      • Hey, desperation is the mother of invention AND determination. You never know what you’re capable of until your back’s against a wall and you have to make your own running room. That’s Super Woman training for sure!

      • Well I’m just going to think of it that way then. Thanks! 🙂

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