Beating Hypothyroidism


…a needle pulling thread?

No.  Just me watching the sun come up again.

My pool plans were dashed on yesterday, and it looks like they’re not going to amount to anything today.

I did wind up Googling something about forty-five minutes ago (when it would have been nice to be sleeping).  I’d forgotten that insomnia can be a side effect of quitting smoking.  I suspect the brain and body doesn’t differentiate between real and electronic.  And there’s no getting around the fact that, five weeks in, this has been the hardest week yet.  Of course I don’t know if it’s because the craving is actually getting worse, or if it’s just harder to ignore because I’m getting so much less sleep.

Maybe I’m going about trying to fix this the wrong way.  Instead of trying to get as much rest as I can, when I finally manage to fall asleep, maybe sucking it up for one day…just fighting the urge it as hard as I can and staying up all day is the answer.  God knows I’d be so tired when bedtime rolls around that I should be able to doze off immediately.

It would be interesting to find out how it’s possible for someone who is as tired as I am, and has been for as long as I can remember, can have trouble sleeping.  Even if withdrawal symptoms are causing it, exhaustion has to trump everything else.

Who know.  But I guess I’m going to try again.  After I shut the alarm off.  Even if I manage to fall asleep by six-thirty, I have serious doubts that I’ll be ready to jump in the pool at eleven.  This is me we’re talking about though.  Stranger things have happened.


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4 thoughts on “So….

  1. Thanks! I think I’m gonna need it. 🙂

  2. Sounds like a neurotransmitter thing to me, Kristy. Withdrawal messes those all to heck.

    Have you considered something like Crave Arrest? Here’s a blurb I found on one website that sells it (you can’t buy it directly from the maker unless you’re a health professional, or referred by one to them):

    DFH CRAVE ARREST CraveArrest is designed to balance the production of the major neurotransmitters, including serotonin and dopamine, that affect cravings of all kinds. The Tyrosine and 5HTP found in CraveArrest are in an ideal 10:1 ratio for superior results. The adaptogenic herb Rhodiola Rosea known for aiding the stress response is included, as is Taurine.

    Something like that might help you over the hump while your body resets to produce & uptake normal levels.

    • I have never heard of that, Shelly. Thanks for the info. If it doesn’t improve SOON, I will likely get some of it. But I’ve got to be getting past the worst of it soon. Hope so. 🙂

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