Beating Hypothyroidism

For All My Good Intentions…

…I didn’t get to the pool until today (it’s still Tuesday to me).  I haven’t done much of anything else on the list either, due entirely to the lack of sleep, though that is getting marginally better.

One thing about pool workouts is…I love them.  And I hate them.  Even though what I did today is a fraction of what I was doing last year, and even though I tried to be careful, it was still way too much.  I have been even more tired tonight, and my muscles think I’m a sadist.

So I’m altering the plans for the pool just a bit.  With the way I feel right now, it will be a mistake to wait until Thursday to go back.  Unfortunately the best way to alleviate this kind of pain is to do it again.  Soon.  And so I’ll be going back tomorrow.  Which means my three-day a week thing is going right out the window.  Looks like I’m starting right out with the six days a week.

That’s okay though.  After getting in the water, I remembered how much I loved it.  And I truly do.  But today showed me how much I seriously need this.  All I did was some stretches (which I hold for 20-60 seconds), and a sort of marching.

I’ve known people who gone to the pool for years (regularly) to walk in the water, and that’s all they ever do.  They also never get in any better shape.  So when I started last summer, I decided to try something different.  Holding onto the edge of the pool (in the deep end), or a Styrofoam noodle, I march in place.  My feet don’t touch the bottom at all…and I believe it’s a big reason why I started looking more toned when the others haven’t.  It’s more work, even though it doesn’t feel like it (trust me on this!).  
Okay, WordPress has a glitch again and I can only type in italics now, so I’m going to give it up and hope that my afternoon of abuse will help me get to sleep well before the sun comes up for a change.

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