Beating Hypothyroidism

Another Change in the Works…

It’s not like I haven’t made a few changes over the past two and a half months.  I’ve actually made several.  I decided last night that I’m adding yet another one to the list.  One I’m actually more apprehensive about than any of the others.  Except maybe the electronic cigarettes (and I am really hoping those cravings go away soon because it still seems harder than it was the first couple of weeks).

This change is coming about because I got bored one night and checked out what was available on Hulu.  There was a documentary that sounded interesting called Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.  I figured it would be along the lines of the ones others have done about fast food restaurants…but I was wrong.

The gentleman starring in the documentary is named Joe Cross, an Australian who weighs in excess of 300 pounds…and has an autoimmune disease (that I can’t pronounce, spell…or even recall the name of).  He compares it to having chronic hives.  And he’s going to come to the United States, drive across the country…and do a juice fast all the way.  For sixty-days.  Nothing but vegetable and fruit juices to sustain him.  No meat, no fat, no fast food, no french fries…just freshly juiced juice.  You can watch the film at his website, Reboot Your Life, for free.

Sorry, I wish I could find one you could watch on the blog, but there isn’t another one.  I think it would be worth your time to see if you’d like to watch the documentary though.

Long story short, he dropped a lot of weight…and he’s off all medication (including Prednisone) because his autoimmune disease seems to be gone.

Curious, I started Googling ‘juicing and hypothyroidism,’ and was quite stunned by some of the things I discovered.  That radishes…a goitrogen…are among the most beneficial foods you can consume for your thyroid health (hyper and hypo) was most surprising.

Dr. Mercola claims that when we have enough of a sulphur (his spelling, not mine-he’s a doctor)  compound found in the radish  circulating in our bloodstreams, the thyroid is less apt to over- or under-produce detrimental hormones.   He states that a steady diet of radishes and radish juice can benefit us, and recommends juicing carrots or cucumber, celery, radishes, and lemon, adding a dash of powdered kelp or dulse for a boost of iodine if you wish.

An article on Hub Pages impressed me the most though.  What this woman had to say lined up with most of the other information I found last night.  And so I decided, before I ever got to her juicing recipe, I was going to do whatever she had done.  I expected to start spending a small fortune on fruits and veggies, but I’m desperate enough to feel better, it would be worth it.

Her recipe, though, shocked me.

4 radishes, juiced; low sodium V8-to taste; hot sauce-to taste (she uses Tapatio brand); and cayenne pepper to taste.

That’s it.  She does this twice a day, has lost weight, feels great and…after several months…is off all thyroid meds.  She stresses the importance of working with your doctor and to not stop your meds.

Well, I have an appointment on June 7th so I’ll talk to my doctor about it then (or not).  But I’ve decided to start the ‘radish juice’ this weekend…twice daily until my next appointment in mid-August.  I’m not even going to ask her to change my Synthroid to Armour until August.

Am I looking forward to this?  Nope.  I’m not all that fond of radishes.  A little diced in my potato salad is more than enough for me.  But I’ll do what it takes to be energetic again, and if this can help, I’m willing to hold my nose and give it a go for the summer.  By the time October rolls around, I should know whether it’s helping or not.

I’ve also decided to do some ‘regular’ juicing once or twice a day, maybe add some ice and turn it into a smoothie.  And who knows.  I might even be willing to give Joe Cross’ juice fast a try.  Probably not for 60 days though.  But you never know….


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8 thoughts on “Another Change in the Works…

  1. keep me posted. I’m not willing to go there yet, but i do have coconut oil and i will be using it this morning

    • I just had my first coconut oil of the day a few minutes ago. Since I actually got EIGHT hours sleep…for the first time since some time last year, I wanted to see if I’d feel better because of it. Not really…but if it keeps up, it might. 🙂

      I’m dragging my feet over pulling out the juicer. It’s not that I don’t like spicy food, but….radishes? Hopefully the V8 juice will do a lot of flavor killing. I’m a little more enthusiastic over the fruit-based drink I’ll have later.

      Hopefully the ‘other’ grocery store will have ginger root and….gulp!….fresh beets. I hate beets, but apparently they’re really good for you, and are supposed to taste good when juiced with other stuff. I’m not holding my breath but I’ll try most anything once.

  2. Kristy, that’s a pretty exciting change! My chiro told me about this a couple months ago. He wasn’t willing to advise me to do a complete juice fast, but with protein and fiber in the mix, he thought it sounded pretty interesting. I have another friend who’s really enjoyed juicing with her 10 year old twins. They get lots more veggies that way. You’re right – it’s expensive because it takes lots of veg to make a little juice – but it sounds better than swamp juice any way you slice it.

    Looking forward to hearing how it goes!

    • Hi, Shelly. I’m glad to hear that someone I know has heard about this, too…and from a person in the medical field. Anything is better than swamp sludge! (but I am going to try to start adding that back in again…maybe every other day because of the goitrogen factor)

      No really great news yet, though I’ve only gotten the ‘radish juice’ in twice one time. Mostly because washing the juicer is a pain in the neck, lol. And that’s mostly because I’m so darned tired. Once that improves, it won’t be so daunting to wash all those pieces a couple of times a day.

      I will say that I DO feel better for a few hours after I take it. Not as good as I did on Sunday, but then I’d also gotten quite a bit of sleep over the weekend, too.

      Another thing I’ve noticed is that my appetite is decreasing. It wasn’t big to begin with. I hardly ever take in enough calories to maintain my weight (which means I SHOULD look like Twiggy, LOL!). Anyway, that total juice fast just might become a reality for me if this continues. But I’m fairly sure I wouldn’t want to do it for two months. Maybe ten days…IF I can work up the determination to do it. 🙂

      • Chronic health issues deplete our bodies of key vitamins and minerals, and that screws up our abilities to make enzymes, hormones and lots of other necessary goodies. Recovering from such serious depletion takes time and LOTS of the substances we’re replacing. That’s why I’m doing IV treatments right now – I can absorb much higher doses of nutrients that way than anyone can through the gut.

        You know how when you try to water a houseplant that’s dried out all the way, it won’t hold water the first time? Our bodies can be a little like that sometimes. We may have to soak our systems in a lot of what we need in order to start absorbing it again.

        So don’t give up on something gentle yet positive like your new juicing recipe. if you think it’s helping, give it time to “soak” so your body can get its groove back.

        And consider getting a new juicer that’s easy to wash! I understand there are tons of them on Craig’s List. That’s how my mother-of-twins friend found hers.

      • That’s a great analogy! And I agree 100%. I’m not sure I could do the IV thing though…I put off routine blood tests as long as possible (and skipped one entirely this year) because I hate needles, lol. So I’ll just keep washing the juicer (it’s not very old) and sucking down the radish juice…because I do think it helps. At this point just for a few hours, but a few hours is better than NO hours. 🙂

  3. Darn straight! Good hours are precious and worth fighting for!

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