Beating Hypothyroidism

It’s All a Matter of Perspective

Now the fact that I feel like I’ve been severely abused, out in the nearly NINETY degree heat, might appear to some that everything I’ve been doing has been a complete waste of time.

By now everyone should know that I don’t handle the heat well, and that I deal with pain issues (not to mention near constant fatigue)….however…I spent far more time than usual this afternoon in the uncomfortable heat, walking nearly a mile for the privilege.  And there were a couple of good inclines coming and going.  Throw in a hard, uncomfortable chair, and a rock band that could probably be heard three states away…and I think I’ve actually had a great day.

Sure my shins are cussing me out right now, and I really feel like I could use a nap (the fact that there’s no a/c in the bedroom will prevent me from following through on that though).

Even though I ache from my eye lashes to my toes, and even though I’m so tired I can hardly keep my focus on the monitor, things are getting better.  Yes, I’m paying for it a little bit, but I lived a normal life this afternoon.  It’s a nice feeling.  (shut up, shins!)

Okay…  I don’t care if my bedroom is hot.  I need a nap.  Just a short one…or a little longer than that.  🙂

***Just a quick update.  Idid take a nap for a couple of hours and, while I’m still a little sore, I’ve pretty much recovered from my afternoon.  Enough so that I did go to the fireworks, and then to the grocery store to stock up on radishes.

I can hardly wait until Monday, when the pool is open again.  I know that’s a big part of the reason I bounced back so quickly today.  By the time another event rolls around at the end of July, and the early September trip to the amusement park with my kids, I should be in pretty darned good shape…or at least much better shape for walking long distances over a period of several hours.  🙂


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