Beating Hypothyroidism

The Best Laid Plans…

It’s been awhile since I’ve been as angry as I’ve been today…which is a good thing.  When you get to the point where you want to break everything you touch, it’s just not a good place to be.

After putting it off, I finally went to get the blood test on Friday.  I hate getting blood tests.  The people who register you take their sweet time, and then you have to wait some more  to be called back to the lab.  This visit was not really any different…except I was stuck with a pretty rude technician.  One who couldn’t find a vein in the bend of my elbow…so she took it out of my forearm, resulting in this….

…yup, a dark, ugly bruise…almost as long as my thumb.  And it’s shaped really weird, too.

Anyway, I went to the lab to pick up a copy of the results today…to find that someone screwed up something…and there were no tests run on my thyroid at all.  Not even the TSH.  So I had to cancel my doctor’s appointment for Wednesday, and I have to have another blood test.  Yes, I’m still pretty ticked off hours later.  And, yes, this is mostly a rant.

I can’t say I’ve noticed any improvements at all in the past several days…mostly because I screwed everything up for the 12 hour fast for the blood test.  I tried to explain to the receptionist at the doctor’s office that any little change in my routine can screw up my progress.  A little gluten, forgetting supplements or coconut oil, overdoing at festivals.  So now I’ll be playing catch up for a while.

If I sound discouraged, that’s because I am.  I had really hoped for an increase in my Synthroid dose on Wednesday, but that’s not happening any time soon.  I can only say again…for probably the millionth time…hypothyroidism sucks.


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11 thoughts on “The Best Laid Plans…

  1. Sympathy, sympathy, lots of sympathy to you, Kristy.

    No one likes getting stuck with a needle, and having to upset your routine AND having nothing to show for it – that’s demoralizing as well as aggravating. I hope they get it right next time!

    I have my own little ritual when I have test done. Blood samples for my tests are almost always taken first thing in the morning which is my worst time. Especially if I’m cold or feeling sluggish, I stretch and bounce around a little to get my blood flowing before the tech sticks me. At the least, it helps my body relax. But I secretly believe it also makes my blood vessels plumper targets. And it always helps to feel like I can do something to improve the situation. Even if it’s partly the placebo effect, I am good with that. Maybe the “pump it up” ritual will help you, too.

    May your recovery from the disruption go quickly, and your retesting go without a hitch!

    • Thanks for the advice, Shelly…and the sympathy. I was feeling pretty sorry for myself that day, lol. I’ll be guzzling a lot of water in the couple of days before the test…and bouncing around and stretching before I go in for the next test. Anything that can help.

      The ‘recovery’ is nearly over. I’ve felt better again the past day or so. The bruise, however, is still ugly, though not quite as big, or as dark. But it continues to clash with my bathing suit, LOL. 🙂

      • Have you considered adding eyes, a nose and a smile under it (like it’s a beret)? 😉

        Glad you are feeling some better, Kristy! I’ll cross my fingers for you on your next run at it.

      • LOL…I should have tried the beret thing earlier in the week. Now, if I bend my arm and look at it, it looks like a purple turtle. I just need to add legs and a tail. 🙂

        Thanks for crossing your fingers. I thought they were going to mail an order for the blood test, but it isn’t here yet. So I’ll be checking on Monday. They only gave me a prescription for a 30-day supply of Synthroid (after NOT calling it in like they were supposed to…so I was without it for a day…fortunately there seems to be no ill effects from missing it).

      • The purple turtle sounds kind of cute, Kristy. 😉

        I’m glad you haven’t felt the effects of skipping a day of thyroid meds. Don’t get cocky and skip again, though! It can through you off for days.

        Prescriptions can be so annoying. I hope you get your dosage squared away soon so you can get back to 90-day scripts.

      • Oh no. I’ve never skipped it on purpose. In the early days I forgot a few times, but I haven’t missed a day for a good year now. Until Wednesday. And I’d stopped at the office last Friday…after I had the blood drawn…to tell the receptionist that I needed something called in for ONE Synthroid…because I would be running out Tuesday (I didn’t know I’d be canceling my appointment then). And then I told her AGAIN…when I stopped in to show her the order and results…that included NO thyroid tests. Both times she said they’d phone the pharmacy. And both times they didn’t. So it’s their fault, lol. Of course if I’d called earlier on Tuesday to make sure it was ready to pick up, I’d have had time to pay a visit to the office…

        Oh I wish I could get 90-day prescriptions. She won’t give me more than 2 months at a time because we’ve never gotten my TSH into the optimal range. 😦

  2. i started the coconut oil and had lots of energy for a few days but then I realized i was exhausted about 10 pm…so i went to bed. now i’m waking at 4:30 and dying at about 10PM. i am a night own and i feel as if i’m missing half my life.

    • Have you tried changing up the time you take the coconut oil, Louise? I don’t know what your normal schedule is, but maybe taking the oil a couple of hours later each time than you’ve been taking it might help get you back on track. Glad you’re giving it a try.

      Oops. How many times a day are you taking it? You’re supposed to take 1 tablespoon up to 3 times a day.

      • really 3X a day? ouch – i get it in the morning.

        i think it’s time to take a look at the food i’m eating and the supplements i’m not taking and the exercise i’m not getting. as little as i want to look at those things, it’s time — i’ve fallen right off the wagon.

      • Maybe you should try adding another tablespoon around mid-afternoon? If you’re worried about weight gain, you don’t have to. There are very interesting studies on coconut oil. This is one article…. Even Reader’s Digest had a write up about MCT’s a few years ago. I think they put a bunch of NYC firemen on the diet.

        Medium-chain triglycerides in coconut oil are smaller than other fats and, therefore, digest very quickly, so quickly in fact, that the body uses them as an immediate source of fuel rather than pack them away in storage inside our fat cells. MCT are used to produce energy much like carbohydrates and, therefore, they do not circulate in the bloodstream like other fats. For this reason, they do not supply fat to fat cells or contribute to weight gain. (

        I’m with you on the supplements. I’m so hit and miss with them it’s not even funny. I’ve got to do better. And so far I’ve only made it to the pool three times one week, once the next, and twice last week (of course my period and a suddenly deceased washer screwed up some of those plans).

        One thing you may find, Louise…is that coconut oil really does seem to suppress appetite. I find, now that I’m back on it again REGULARLY, that I tend to forget to eat, which is not good either. I already eat too few calories most days. But I just don’t think about it.

        Yesterday I had 1 GF cookie (a small one) before going to a festival in another town…and that wasn’t until after 5 p.m. After walking around there for a while, I did stop and pick up a hot fudge sundae on the way home…and then didn’t eat a meal until around midnight.

  3. Oops…I meant to add this part from that website…

    This increase in metabolism also leads to a rise in body temperature. People with low thyroid function report that after using coconut oil, their body temperature rises to normal levels and remains elevated for many hours. Temperatures in such people can rise 1 or 2 degrees or more depending on the amount of oil they consume.6 Those people who are overweight because of low thyroid function can utilized the metabolic stimulating action of coconut oil to help them shed excess pounds.

    I don’t know where your temperature runs, but mine tends to be somewhere in the 96’s (under the arm-which is where they recommend you test for hypo). Another thing I’ve always said is that if my temp is ever 98.6 (under the tongue), I must be running a low grade fever. That’s another symptom I’ve had since I was a kid that no one ever picked up on…and I didn’t have a clue about.

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