Beating Hypothyroidism

All Out of Whine

Yes, it’s true, I’m finished being mad and whining over the screw up with the blood test.  In fact the past couple of days have been better.  Last night I went to a birthday party (and worked on the computer for the birthday girl for a couple of hours).  Afterward, with perfect timing, I managed to catch a fireworks display I didn’t even know was scheduled.  And today I walked around the Annual Dam Festival.  Yes, my mom found a write up about it and so we checked it out.  Very cool!

I wouldn’t have been able to do that if I weren’t feeling better.

So…what else is happening?  Still gluten and electronic cigarette free.  Still hit and miss on supplements and juicing…I just have felt seriously bad most days since the blood test.  I will do better with it this week.  And I’m still going to the pool…and trying to work into an every day schedule.

There is one think I’ve noticed that is a huge change for me.  I mean HUGE.  For most of my life I’ve hated summer.  I am so miserable as soon as the thermometer hits the low seventies that all I’ve done forever is count the days until October 1st.

It was ninety degrees as I traipsed around the Dam Festival.  Sure I was sweating a little (I’m not ladylike enough to perspire, sorry).  Yes, it was pretty warm.  But amazingly enough, I wasn’t particularly uncomfortable.  Usually I have trouble breathing when it’s that hot (not a lung thing, it just feels like I’m inhaling air from a hot oven).

I don’t know if that would be from the Synthroid.  Since it’s not keeping the TSH under control, I don’t know if it would keep anything else under control either.  So maybe it’s the combination of coconut oil and supplementation.  I don’t know…but whatever it is, it can keep doing this.  It’s wonderful to not dread summer right now.


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4 thoughts on “All Out of Whine

  1. glad you’re feeling better my friend

    • Definitely yay! I have dreaded summer for so long now that I am just constantly amazed when I walk outside and don’t feel horrible. I’m so used to that it’s just really nice. Who knows? Maybe now I’ll love all seasons again…like I did when I was a kid. 🙂

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