Beating Hypothyroidism

And the Changes Keep Piling Up

I have had a problem with the way you’re supposed to take Synthroid in the 14 months since it was first prescribed.  You’re supposed to take it 30-60 minutes before eating (or two hours after), but I had been staying with the 60 minutes before because I’d read something last year that made me believe it was better to wait the full hour.  Not a good thing when you have no energy, and basically no metabolism.

So I tried taking it at bedtime.  After ten days I felt so much worse that I stopped doing that.  And then I read where many women set an alarm and take it in the middle of their sleep cycle.  Why not?  That’s what I’ve been doing for two or three months now.  Along with everything else I’ve been doing since February.

Twice recently, I forgot to set the alarm, resulting in the need to take the Synthroid when I woke up on my own.  Thursday was the second time, and I realized again that I felt a bit better.

And it finally hit me…waking up a couple hours after falling asleep wasn’t working for me.  And it may be why the supplements, enzymes, coconut oil and other things aren’t working as well as they had been.  No, I don’t feel as bad as I did last year, but I don’t feel as good as I did a few months ago either.

So as of tonight, (Friday) I’m ignoring the alarm.  I’ll try to have my coconut oil and a little something more about 45 minutes after I take the Synthroid…and see how that goes.

This is all very frustrating.  Given that everything I’m doing is supposed to work, I should be bouncing off the darned walls.

So many of the thoughts in this song perfectly describe the struggle with hypothyroidism…and all it’s ugliness.  I love that it talks about not backing down and standing your ground.  It’s not always fun, but I will hold onto every little bit of ground I take back.  Sometimes it’s a major battle, but I’m not giving up.  If I do, I’ll never feel good again.

Stubbornness sure comes in handy sometimes.  🙂

***I should have added that two days out of three (once by accident, once on purpose) of taking the Synthroid when I woke up seems to have made a bit of a difference.  I’ve gotten more housework done at one time than I’ve managed to do in a while.  And I actually took the time to make a good supper tonight.

My energy is zapped right now, which isn’t cool since it’s still light outside (and Idon’tlive in Alaska).  I’m hoping to see some of it come back as there are still a few things I’d like to finish up.  If I can’t, I’m not going to complain.  Hopefully I’ll continue to feel better each day I don’t set my alarm.

At least now I think I’m at a place where anymore changes are going to come one at a time.  It’s too hard to figure out what is and isn’t helping when I tackle too many things at once.


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7 thoughts on “And the Changes Keep Piling Up

  1. I used to be very strict about waiting an hour after taking Armour Thyroid before taking anything else. I moaned quite a bit about this to my chiro, because I had a 2nd set of stuff to take on an empty stomach, and the total time ended up being 2 hours before I could eat. I often lost track of time and took the 2nd batch more than an hour after my thyroid, which pushed eating back even more.

    My guy told me that this was a good place to experiment. He said some people are fine with 30 minutes, so I could try it and see if it made any difference. Now I take my thyroid, wait 30 minutes, then take the next round of empty stomach stuff. 30+ minutes after that, I am ready to eat. I haven’t noticed any difference in thyroid symptoms, but I feel significantly less burdened by trying so darned hard to “be good” about taking my supplements. Less stress is a beautiful thing.

    I can’t imagine getting up in the middle of the night to take anything, Kristy. I am really glad you are trying a different route! I hope you find it works much better for you so you can improve your rest.

    Sweet dreams!

  2. I’m such an airhead sometimes. I meant to add in the post that the reason I had a problem with the 60 minutes is because for your metabolism to work right, you’re supposed to eat within an hour of waking up. And I need all the help I can get with energy.

    It’s good to know you have someone who can help you work out what’s best for you since doctors and pharmacists seem to feel everyone is the same.

    Amen to reducing stress. And thank you. Except I’m not sure I want anymore dreams, LOL. Sometimes I have REALLY weird ones….and have been having them every night lately. Thursday night I dreamed about a short T-Rex dressed in a bright, multi-colored clown outfit, walking around town. Why can’t I ever dream about Bruce Willis or Jeffrey Dean Morgan? 🙂

    • Metabolism? You have a metabolism? That’s so cool! I want one!

      Your friend T-Rex sounds like a trip, but I can see why don’t want to hang w/ him & his ilk every night.

      It’s hard to walk the line of advocating for your individuality and trying to conform to what practitioners know so they can help w/in their limits and comfort zone, especially when you’re starting something new. I try to do exactly what they tell me for a while before I start adjusting. It takes a while to break in a new doctor so she / he trusts me when I tell them “not like that, not this time.”

      • Yeah, I wish I had a metabolism. I just want to do whatever I can to get it working again. I just wish I didn’t have to eat to make that happen. At least not that soon after waking up. I almost always wait 4-5 hours now, but am planning to change that.

        I’m almost scared to say this. It’s like I jinx myself by opening my mouth (or typing it out)…but Thursday, Saturday and Sunday I waited to take the Synthroid…and I’ve felt better all three days. And I felt lousy on Friday when I set the alarm. I don’t feel great, but significantly better. I’d never have believed that interrupting my sleep like that could make such a huge difference. Of course I almost always have to visit the bathroom so it’s not immediately back to sleep. And whether I do or not, I have to sit up because I found that drinking water, even out of a bottle, while lying down doesn’t work out really well. Not all the time, lol.

        I’m glad I met you, Shelly. Hearing what you do gives me the guts to experiment more than I would have done before.

        Wouldn’t it be nice if doctors just automatically took our opinions into consideration when treating us? I swear it’s like the majority of them want us to come in like cattle through a chute, nod our little heads in agreement with everything they say, and swallow whatever medicine they decide we need.

      • Try a bendy straw, Kristy. Then you don’t have to sit up as much. (Plus, the chances of knocking over your water glass and having to jump out of bed to clean up the mess should decrease, too. Oh, wait – is it just me that does that?)

        I’m glad you are finding ways to feel better, Kristy! From tinkering with when you take Synthroid so you can sleep better, to hearing my little voice saying “make it work for you instead of you working for it,” it’s all good.

        Your health is more important to you than to any health professional, no matter how caring. Which means you are the captain of your ship. They’re your crew – teachers, consultants and specialist technicians – but you set the course. Some health care practitioners will be excited to have a patient who wants to take such an active role. Others will be frustrated that you are not moving through the chute like a good bovine. Keep looking, and you can find at least one who is excited! One can make a huge difference.

  3. I had actually considered using a glass and straw at one point, Shelly. Only in my zoo (pretty much literally…5 cats, 2 dogs…but NO mice!), it’s a good bet that by the time the alarm went off, the straws would be something less than sanitary. And no, it’s not just you. Half asleep, drinking water from a reclining position is nothing but a recipe for a soggy sheet or nightgown. That’s why I started sitting up, which made me wake up more than I intended. Anyway, I’ve felt better 4 days out of 5 now so I think I’m just going to continue this way.

    Some people are your crew. Too many think they’re your captain. This woman isn’t a bad doctor. In fact she’s pretty good. She just has this thing about Armour, and she’s raising the Synthroid at such a conservative pace that I’d like to scream. I’ll break down and the OTHER blood test this week (complete with the threat that they better NOT screw it up again). So I’ll see her at some point in July, and then again 6-12 weeks later. If the improvement isn’t significant, I’ll be whipping out my lists, which are still in my purse. She won’t scare me out of the Armour again.

    LOL…I’ll NEVER make a good bovine moving through a chute.

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