Beating Hypothyroidism

Still Being a Gluten Glutton

I can’t think of one gluten-containing food that has made me glad I took a break, which is likely why that break has been longer than the two days I planned. When I eliminate it again on Monday, I’ll have stretched it out to sixteen days. The toast was better, though. The dumplings, too. I love toast and dumplings.


Over the course of the past year, I’ve seen information about adrenal fatigue popping up here and there. And then I bought a magazine with an article about it. Not surprisingly, the symptoms pretty much describe me to a T. So I did a little more research, ordered some desiccated adrenal supplements that had a good rating on Amazon, and have been taking them for the past several days.

Like I told my sister, it’s too early to give credit to them, but for the past two days, I haven’t had to take a nap, or kick back in my desk chair and doze for thirty to sixty minutes because I was too tired to keep my eyes open.

One of the things that really grabbed my attention is that adrenal fatigue is caused by stress. I have been under a lot of stress for at least ten years, and major stress for the past four.

Symptoms include: excessive fatigue (check), non-refreshing sleep (check), feel most energetic in the evening (check), poor digestion (check), low stamina (check), and more. While there are a few on the list I don’t have, most are an issue for me. As well as some that aren’t on this list (difficulty losing weight and retaining fluids).

The list on the link above isn’t a complete list. For instance, it doesn’t mention edema/fluid retention. There is an interesting quiz you can take at this website to see if you might need to look into supplements.

One particularly interesting thing I’ve found in my quest to learn about adrenal fatigue is that sometimes treating this can resolve issues with hypothryoidism.  I don’t know about anyone else, but I’d LOVE to not have to mess with blood tests and Synthroid anymore. I told someone recently that I’d rather take ten vitamin and herbal supplements every day than one prescription medication.



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4 thoughts on “Still Being a Gluten Glutton

  1. Kristy, there are different stages to adrenal fatigue (yes, I’ve had that, too). Taking dessicated adrenal gland may be part of your solution to take a load off your adrenals for a bit. I took one for a while, and it was helpful, until it wasn’t. And then I had to get off of it pretty quickly.

    What you really want longer-term is to restore your adrenals so they can do their thing. For that, you might want to consider herbal and vitamin supplements that support adrenal function and help regulate the level of cortisol produced (not too much, not too little, and in the right curve throughout the day). Adaptogens that nudge production toward the sweet spot, pushing it higher if it’s too low or lower if it’s too high, might be useful. There are different ones, depending on exactly what the problem is. The one I’ve taken with most success is Licorice Plus by Metagenics. (No, it doesn’t taste like licorice.)

    Thyroid, cortisol, immune system and metabolism are all wrapped up together. You are right that helping one can help the others. I hope you find a good mix soon!

    In the meantime, getting off gluten again will reduce some of the stress on your system. Giving it more wiggle room is a wonderful gift you can give yourself…and , since most of the gluten foods aren’t doing it for you like you remember, you won’t even be missing them as much. Get yourself back to firing on all cylinders, and life will become tastier again. 🙂

    • Hi, Shelly…
      Hopefully I’ll make some sense. My daughter and I took off for Lake Michigan today…including Grand Haven and Holland…then got lost twice coming back, so I’m just a hair on the tired side tonight!

      From what I scored on the test I took, if it’s accurate, I have an extreme case. I figured I’d follow the directions on the brand I bought…take it for 90 days…then go off for 30 (I think…I’ll have to make sure when I get to the 90 day point). You know so much more than I do about this…maybe you can give me an opinion about what I’m going to try for at least a week (it’s going to be the subject of my next post before the night is over).

      And yes, I’m back off gluten as of this coming Wednesday (also explained in the next post). I have found that I retain fluids HORRIBLY when I’m eating gluten-containing foods! It’s almost unreal! I’ll never do this again…obviously I CANNOT control it. But I will sometimes having gluten foods if I have a bad enough craving. Besides, I’m starting to feel a little more fatigued again…and I’m hating it.

      By the way…thanks for sharing your knowledge with me. I really do appreciate it!

  2. Hi there. I just found your blog and am much relieved to have found a place to learn about the “new” illness that has taken over my life (or at least it seems like it has…).

    I just received a call from my PCP 2 days ago that my blood work indicated that I was hypothyroid and she started me on 100mcg of the generic version of Synthroid. Today was my 2nd day taking it. My PCP acted like this diagnosis was no big deal, and so I didn’t ask many questions, HOWEVER, I then started doing internet research and have begun to connect the dots on the crappy way I’ve been feeling since before Thanksgiving 2011 until now with this new diagnosis. I have gained about 20 pounds, despite monitoring what I eat and exercising. It seems NOTHING I do has helped with the weight. I have NO metabolic functioning (digestion) happening whatsoever. I am tired ALL the time. I had horrible headaches (they seem to be gone now…knock on wood…LOL). AND my hair is falling out like mad and my scalp itches constantly. AND I have major problems falling asleep. Prior to this diagnosis and internet research, I dismissed all these symptoms as being connected with other things, mostly “stress.” My job is very stressful, I’m dealing with aging parent issues, etc., etc. BUT, now, especially after reading all your blog entries, I am starting to really connect the dots (unhappily so, as it seems this “illness” is very hard to treat, even with the medication my PCP prescribed).

    So, please bear with me as I am a TOTAL newbie to being “hypothyroid” (note: I was diagnosed several years ago as “hyper” “Graves disease in remission,” but nothing was done because my levels were so low (?) that it put me in “remission” status and the endo my old PCP sent me to said that treatment was not necessary at that time since I wasn’t feeling bad), and therefore have a lot of probably silly questions.

    First, what is happening with your weight loss? Are you still losing weight with the Synthroid? How much weight did you lose? Second, what are these “digestive enzymes” you refer to and where/how can I get my hands on them (ha)?

    Thank you for reading this rambling mess. I should edit it down before sending, but I am so excited about finding your blog that I am impulsively sending it (if the system will ever log me in!!!)

    Cyndi 🙂

    • Hi, Cyndi!
      Sorry for the delay in my response. It’s been a crazy couple of weeks around here, with a fast draft workshop and then, I guess I didn’t have enough going on because I signed up for a four week course. One thing is for sure…this time last year, I couldn’t have handled either one of them. I’m not doing as well as I would like in either right now, but better than I would have then.

      I’m sorry that you’re having to deal with hypothyroidism. I’ve said it many times over the course of the past 15 months…it sucks. I hate it, and I wish someone would find a cure. I’m so glad your doctor started you on a reasonable dose of ‘Synthroid’ (can’t recall what the generic version is called). My doctor started me off on 25 mcg…and took more than 6 months to work me up to 100 (needless to say there was NO improvement during that time…and there barely is now).

      Oh I wish I couldn’t relate to the 20 extra pounds! It’s like someone welded them on because it’s so impossible to get rid of. I eat less than my 120 pound daughter…it’s so aggravating!

      So far nothing is helping with the weight gain, but I’ll tell you what helps me the most for energy. Coconut oil…extra virgin-or virgin-can’t remember is recommended. I use organic expeller pressed…and just opened my 4th jar since March. I hope I get this part right, but I believe the liver uses it differently than other fats (it’s a medium chain something), so it doesn’t store as body fat. Two or three times a day is wonderful…though you don’t want to take it late in the day…it can keep you awake. I just use a spoon and take it straight. Not pleasant, but not the worst thing I’ve ever taken either.

      Also…B-complex, vitamin C (1000 mg a few times a day), a good multi, and I’ve switched form sublingual B-12’s to a 2000 mcg time-released B12. That seems to help more. A couple of months ago I started using digestive enzymes, and they seem to help a little, though they helped more right at first than they do now.

      My doctor recommended 3 mg of melatonin two hours before I go to bed. It helped, too, but now I buy 3 mg WITH B-6, and that helps more. I can always feel it when I forget to take it. I don’t wake up quite as tired, and feel a little better all day when I do remember it…which is most of the time.

      Since you just started on your meds, remember to drink 8 ounces of water with it…and don’t have anything else for at least 30 minutes. Not coffee, food or anything with calories. Some supplements, like calcium (I think) shouldn’t be taken for four hours.

      You are very correct in that hypothyroidism is very hard to treat. I hope you can find some things to try here, though I don’t recommend them (because I could get in legal trouble). I just let people know what I’m doing that helps me. None of it is dangerous, unless there’s maybe an allergy to coconuts, or some of the supplements.

      You might Google adrenal fatigue and gluten sensitivity. Obviously, I’m being a snot here…in going back to the gluten…that ends Wednesday…at which point I’m trying something else. But both of those things can seriously contribute to fatigue. And gluten seems to make me retain fluids like mad.

      It sounds like you have a LOT of stress in your life. That’s one of the major causes of adrenal fatigue.

      Oops…I just read more (I respond in Word as I read). NOTHING is happening with my weight loss. At one point I lost 8 pounds, but it’s come back since I started eating gluten again. From now on, I’m just going to have the occasional serving when I want something so bad I can’t stand it. But 99% of the time, I will remain gluten-free.

      I have purchased digestive enzymes at my local pharmacy, and from Amazon. I wound up going with Source Naturals Daily Essential Enzymes…after I read all of the comments/ratings.

      Ramble all you want (you can see I tend to be a bit long-winded. Ask any questions you like. I may know the answer…but if I don’t, it’s probably something I should know anyway…and I’m getting pretty used to researching all of this.

      If you choose to try eliminating gluten, let me know. There are really great substitutes out there for most everything now. Also, I’ve found the Facebook page…Coalition For Better Thyroid Care to be an amazing help, too.

      I’m glad you found the blog, too! You will find that I do a lot of experimenting…and am getting ready to post about something I’m going to try for at least a week.

      Kristy 🙂

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