Beating Hypothyroidism

The Fast So Far…

…has been a bust.

So I only managed to last 17 hours into the fast. I think it had a lot to do with having a toothache disturbing my sleep for the past month (and now the pain from having it pulled on Wednesday) and PMS. It’s pretty much impossible for me to have much self-control when I’m exhausted and having chocolate cravings.

I also realized that it’s a pretty drastic change, and I’ll probably have better success with it if I ease into it, as opposed to diving in headfirst.

So for now I’ll just do the juices, smoothies and fresh fruits and veggies for most of each day, and then have a regular meal/snack (if needed).

Of course once I start feeling better, I may be able to do better, too. Hopefully the continued pain is just because I wound up with numerous shots, and the tooth broke with the first try, so she had to dig the roots out (makes me cringe remembering). I really hope that’s what it’s from because several weeks of this is just not something I want to think about. (and people wonder why I don’t like going to the dentist)

Anyway, I can tell you that I think I’ll like switching my diet up. I mostly did fruit smoothies on Wednesday/early Thursday. I was miserable and in no mood to mess with the juicer.

I found it to be a simple, no thought involved way to get the nutrition in. Smoothies are filling, especially when you add a tablespoon of coconut oil. The only thing that could possibly make this plan better is if I could have  unlimited steamed broccoli. It’s just NOT right that my favorite veggie is a goitrogen (not good for hypothyroidism, for those who didn’t know that).

Basically I have no good news to report this week. But at least it isn’t because of the hypothyroidism or any of the ‘normal’ things causing the fatigue.

Yes. I am whining. And that’s my fault. I could have some relief, but I don’t want to take Advil round the clock, so I’m limiting it to twice a day.

On a more positive note, I am down about 3 pounds this week. I’d like to give credit to the smoothie day, and technically I probably could, but it’s from water weight. For some reason, all the bananas, cherries and OJ helped with that tremendously.

I apologize that this isn’t my best effort. Any effort at all today is more than I wanted to put forth.


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6 thoughts on “The Fast So Far…

  1. Good grief, Kristy. What a week you’ve had! it’s hard to do anything when you’re in that much pain. I hope the “easing into juicing” plan works out better for you.

    I agree w/ your concerns about wanting fiber and protein along w/ your juice. I would add that lots of fruit can stress your blood sugar regulation abilities. Some fruit is great, but you’re probably safer erring on the side of more veggies. (Not so good for smoothies, I know, but when you get to juicing…)

    I’ve been lucky enough not to have chronic pain, but I understand that modern thinking on pain management for an acute problem like your teeth is that it’s easier to control if you never let the pain get a good hold on you. In other words, take Advil frequently enough to blunt it instead of toughing it out…unless of course the side effects are a problem, like if the Advil bothers your stomach.

    I hope your mouth / teeth / jaw heal up quickly and leave you in blessed peace! In the meantime, go easy on yourself. XO

    • Yes, it was quite a week. Fortunately the pain is much improved this week. I was scared for a while there that I had a dry socket…which I’ve heard is horrible. Whew!

      I’ve never been one to do much with pain meds. I’m so used to living with it that it normally doesn’t phase me…unless it’s something new like the extraction pain (and that was worse because of the way it went).

      Things are about to improve a lot in the next couple of week (the subject of this week’s post). 🙂

  2. Hello, I just found your blog and I really am enjoying reading it. I have Hashimoto’s and really relate to each entry. Almost every goitrogen is my favorite food 😦 I just cook it tasteless 😉

    Please consider supporting our site We are trying to unite as many members of our thyroid community as possible in an effort to increase international access to proper, up to date thyroid care! Hope to welcome you to ThyroidChange soon!

    • Hi, Michelle…
      Thanks for stopping by! I actually don’t mind mushy broccoli and cauliflower, but I understood that we still weren’t supposed to eat much of it, even cooked. I could eat broccoli until it was coming out my ears.

      Thanks for the link. I’ll have a look around your site. God knows it would help if medical care for thyroid issues was better. So far, in the 15+ months since my diagnosis, I haven’t been especially impressed with what’s available. 😦

  3. Amira Sjogren on said:

    Hypothyroidism can be managed by modern drugs so as to minimize the symptoms caused by it. There are also food supplements that helps in managing the symptoms of hypothyroidism. `:.,,

    Enjoy your weekend!

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