Beating Hypothyroidism


I had intended to be gluten-free starting on Friday…and mostly was, except for one small problem. It was the kids turn to cook supper…naturally it was tacos. I like ground beef, onions, a little salt and pepper…and Brooks Chili Hot beans, which of course have wheat. So after some research, I discovered that Bush makes chili beans that are wheat-free, and that’s what I use for mine. It works, plus I have leftovers for a couple of days. Okay, so it probably sounds disgusting, but they’re actually very good on corn tortillas.

It didn’t register immediately that they’d added the Brooks to the entire batch of ground beef, so I got some wheat in at supper. So except for that, I’ve been GF for three days.

My new plan might be lousy, but it’s what I’m going to plan on until after the holidays. Maybe permanently. That plan is to NEVER take another gluten holiday. However, I will have gluten containing foods sometimes.

If a craving starts getting to me (for example the raspberry bismark), I’m just going to have one. If I’d given in and allowed myself to have just one, I’d probably not have taken that first day, which turned into a weekend, which morphed to nearly six weeks.

This coming Saturday is going to be a good test. My brothers’ host a pig roast every year, guest bring pot luck kinds of food (I always make a pork roast at home so I can take real mashed potatoes and gravy…one of the most popular side dishes). I’ll be GF before and after, but I’m having whatever I please while I’m there.

The bonfire I host is October 6th…and I’m having a hot dog on a real bun, and a real Smore.

I’m just finished getting stressed about my diet. I’ll be good the vast majority of the time, but it’s not worth it to be such a stickler that I set myself up to fail.

Maybe someday I’ll get to the place where I can be 100% gluten-free ALL of the time. I don’t know. I’ll just do the best I can and not worry about it. For now I’m going to look forward to an end to the worsening fatigue.


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4 thoughts on “Finally!

  1. keep me posted on how this goes.

  2. I will, Louise. I’m hoping I can be good enough to do the juicing/smoothies/fruits/veggies every other day. Or at least most of every day. I’m not sure. But FINALLY got a Synthroid prescription with 12 refills, which means I have 13 months to play around. Not sure if I’ll have to have any blood tests between now and then, but I plan to use the next year to improve my thyroid function.

    Which reminds me…I’m going to do another quick post before I head off to bed. Hopefully I’ll beat the sunrise. 🙂

  3. One day at a time. So glad you have found other things to help you feel better, like the coconut oil, juicing/etc!

    • Thanks! Me, too. I LOVE the coconut oil. In fact, at some point this week, I’ll be opening my 4th jar since I started it again in April (I think it was April). And I’ll be going through more of it now, because I’ve only been consistent using it once a day. I’m aiming for at least twice now. 🙂

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