Beating Hypothyroidism

One Little Speed Bump…

So I have been doing fairly well with getting off the gluten again. I did eat gluten-containing foods at the pig roast…and one other time this week (the speed bump). I wound up having a fun day away from home, and what can I say? I didn’t stick with being GF at the restaurant. Other than that, though, I’m being good.

Benefits already? Yup. My feet and ankles still want to retain fluids…but not as bad as they have been for the past six weeks-and it was pretty bad. Do I feel better? Depends on the minute. But I’ve spent part of two days this week outside…and too much ‘fresh air’ tends to make me want a nap. I’ve been around lots of people (usually very stressful for me). And I’ve done lots of running around and writing.

Definitely feeling better. It’s looking like a few weeks off is easier to get over than six months off. Not that I’m going to use it for an excuse to take gluten vacations again. Just allowing myself to eat what the crowd is eating (pig roast/restaurant) once in awhile, seems to work well for me.

I think the adrenal support supplement I’ve been taking is helping a lot, too., and I’m ordering more tomorrow (only enough for 5 days left…and I’m NOT running out).

So this week the plan is to do the juicing/smoothies/powdered greens for most of the day, then have whatever I want for supper…and maybe a snack.

Hopefully I’ll have really good news to report next Sunday.  🙂


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