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Just a Very Quick Update

I’m not sure if my blah day today (just kind of tired, and not very motivated) is because the weather has warmed up again (back into the 90s), or because I screwed up and didn’t order my adrenal support in time, so I only had one yesterday…and none today, but I was actually feeling better earlier in the week.

I’m not entirely sure, but I think I’ve been mostly gluten-free again for thirteen days. And I have felt better. There is still improvement in the fluid retention issues but, as with most of my plans, it’s easier to make them than it is to follow through. However, I am slowly getting everything added in.

Monday can’t get here soon enough though. I can hardly wait to get the delivery for the adrenal support. This time I ordered two bottles.

I’ve been doing better about using the coconut oil twice a day. As soon as it’s habit, I’ll bump it up to three times daily.

And I really am going to do better with the juicing and smoothies this week. I tried something different with my smoothie yesterday…adding a quarter of a cup of rolled oats. It’s…different. Not awful, but it will take some getting used to. I’m picking up more Greek yogurt tomorrow, too, and will be using about half a cup in each one. I might…maybe add a couple of leaves of kale, or some spinach leaves, but I’m not really sure yet. My goal is to make them like a meal replacement shake…only with all nutrition and ZERO additives and preservatives.

So anyway…that’s where I’m at. I will add one more thing. It’s been miserably hot for most of the spring and summer, so I don’t really think the heat today has impacted how I feel (I do have air conditioning). I’m guessing the adrenal support makes a bigger difference than I realized.

One more quick note… It’s been slightly more than four months since I stopped using the electronic cigarettes. The vast majority of the time, I don’t think about them. But days like today…it’s very hard to not want to buy more. I don’t…and I won’t, but I’d have thought the worst would be over by now. Maybe I’m just not remembering how long it bothered me when I gave up the real things.


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2 thoughts on “Just a Very Quick Update

  1. Shelly Immel on said:

    Hi, Kristy.

    Did you remove this post? I tried following the link and also hitting the comment button, and it gives me a 404 Page Note Found error.

    Anyway, I wanted to say that I hope the adrenal support supplements arrived on Monday as planned and that you’re feeling better! Sometimes it takes a few days for things to get back on track. But you are doing lots of good things to help yourself feel better, and many of them should work better together than on their own.

    Regarding the electronic cigarettes… everything bothers me more when I’m tired or feeling down. It’s like putting a big rock in the middle of a wet sheet. It pulls down the middle, which makes other trouble rocks roll to the middle, which pulls it down and stretches out even more. When I feel better physically and emotionally, a lot of other things bounce off me, or I’m just to busy to notice them long enough to get wrapped up in them. Hopefully you will feel back on top of the world soon and some of these cares and irritations will fall away!

    Rooting for you! -Shelly

  2. Well that was weird. This post was in the ‘trash.’ I’m not sure why…unless this whole writing thing has turned me into Sybil…and she’s doing things while I sleep. 🙂

    The supplements did arrive, thanks. And it may take a day or few to get back on track with them. It’s amazing how fast I crash, and progress goes out the window, when my ‘schedule’ gets screwed up. But from now on, I’ll be ordering a new bottle when I empty the first…so I always have two here. Not sure what I’ll do when the 90 days is up. I did read where someone has taken it every day for the past couple of years. But I’d say after four years of near constant stress, a month and a half isn’t going to be enough to wipe that out. So I may just say the heck with it and go up to six months. I don’t know.

    I’m sure you’re right about the electronic cigarettes. I’ve gotten a little more sleep the past couple of nights, and it’s not so bad again. In fact, I’ve barely thought about them today. So here’s hoping for the best. Like I said, I won’t ever start them again (or the odds are millions to one), but it’s a lot easier when the craving isn’t as bad as it was the other day. Maybe I just need to find a new way to deal with fatigue and stress. LOL…the first thing that popped into my head just now was a ball bat. I’m thinking that MIGHT NOT be the best substitute. 🙂

    Thanks for cheering me on, Shelly. You are such a sweetheart. 🙂

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