Beating Hypothyroidism

Shorter Post Than Last Week…

…so don’t faint please.

It always seems like one step forward, and two steps back, doesn’t it. After starting to feel better again, my insomnia kicked into high gear for a good part of the week. Add to that a toothache, which may be from a cavity, or a filling that worked itself loose again (which I could understand if I snacked on concrete). Fortunately that will be fixed on Tuesday. I hope. A sibling’s mother-in-law passed away tonight, and I’m not sure when the funeral will be. Selfish as it may sound, I hope it’s not Tuesday afternoon…I really need to keep that appointment.

Anyway, I’ve been so tired the past few days it’s not even close to amusing. But this latest bout may be just about over, and hopefully I’ll have caught up on some rest by Monday morning.

I have continued with everything I’ve been doing, except for the melatonin. We’ve had some stormy weather, and I don’t like the thought of taking anything if I might need to wake up in a hurry. Thank goodness the next couple of nights are going to be storm-free.  Maybe this will help kick the tail end of the sleeplessness out the door.

So there you have it. Murphy (of Murphy’s Law fame) might think he’s found a new home, but I’m kicking his butt out immediately.


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3 thoughts on “Shorter Post Than Last Week…

  1. Hi, Kristy. I got test results last week and was reminded that my crummy mornings and some of my sleep issues are tied in with cortisol levels. My cortisol is through the roof when I wake up, then plummets to the low side of normal by noon and until I go to bed.

    That sounds like I’d be super bouncy in the mornings, but the opposite is true. Too-high cortisol screws up insulin and blood sugar, which makes you feel just as crummy as too-low cortisol. As with many hormones, some of the symptoms are the same for too low and too high.

    My doc has me eating a high protein snack right before bed to give me slow burning energy all night, and then juice or fruit w/ my thyroid meds when I wake up and breakfast 45-60 minutes after that so my body gets the idea there is blood sugar available for energy, so it doesn’t have to flog my adrenals into producing so much cortisol. The idea is that a gentler, more normal morning upswing in cortisol, followed by a gentler decrease around lunchtime, will be easier on me all the way around.

    (Apparently the research about not eating food w/ thyroid medication showed that protein and fat are problematic, but my doc knew of no research on whether simple carbs are a problem. So I’m trying applesauce.)

    I’ve tried it for 3 days, and have seen some improvement. Will have to continue to see if the improvement is coincidence or long-term change. Best improvement was when I also went to bed earlier.

    I think the protein snack (mostly nuts with a little dried fruit) helps me stay asleep better than other snacks. Maybe it would help you, too.

    May your sleep improve, your toothache be healed. And may your family find comfort in each other during this time of loss and remembrance…preferably not on Tuesday afternoon. 🙂 XO

  2. Hi, Shelly….
    I don’t know where the month has gone, except in a haze of pain. I’m doing a quick post in a minute, so I won’t go into details here. But THANK you for the info about what you’re doing now. I just wrote it down and am going to give it a try.

    The juice/fruit thing makes sense. I’v read a quite a bit of information about vitamin C (powdered…and nothing else added) making Synthroid work or absorb better. So the whole fruit theory sounds very reasonable.

    How is that going? Are you continuing to see improvement?

  3. Hi, Kristy. So sorry to hear the pain has continued to be so bad! Very bad for healing and cortisol levels, as well as obviously being awful in and of itself. Sending you a big long-distance hug…

    The biggest change I noticed consistently after I started the late night protein, fruit w/ thyroid, and full breakfast <= 1 hour after that: I'm HUNGRY. I chase my appetite most of the day. I can't eat a lot at once, but my body expects food every 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 hours. This is not a curve I want to be on the wrong side of. So I toss down fruit or crackers or nuts or salad or ANYTHING healthy, as long as I can get it down the chute.

    I have generally felt more solid and a bit more energetic in the mornings, and some mornings I really want to do something physical. But the couple times I've tried that, I got the shakes and was much more tired the rest of the day.

    So it feels like the snack / fruit / breakfast changes have helped my body be "on" more. And I am going to bed earlier at night and waking up earlier in the morning. Good changes. But the program hasn't brought the cortisol down all the way where I need it to be in the morning – yet. It's a big, long-term pattern to change. So I'm going to try also taking a supplement right before bed to calm cortisol production and hopefully prevent the spike going quite so high in the mornings. Hopefully combined with the snack / fruit / breakfast, it will do the trick over time.

    Complicating everything, I seem to be detoxing while all this is happening. I believe that started in early August when I made several changes all at once and went to Canada. I think I'm over the hump, but I wanted to give my body a break, so I added another big change last week. I started alkalinizing my diet.

    That means less (not none, but less) protein, which is a HUGE change for me, and more foods that leave alkaline residue in the body (citrus, dark greens, many vegetables, some starches and oils, and a few nuts – many of which I was already eating, just not quite so much of). Also, this diet recommends not eating starches and protein together, because they're easier to digest apart. That knocks out lots of my favorite one pot meals.

    I haven't tried to be perfect about this – it's just too big a change. But I have generally followed the guidelines. This has contributed to my need to eat every 2 hours, since each meal or snack tends not to stick to my ribs as long.

    The alkalinizing thing is only for 4 weeks. It was recommended to help my body heal after the food allergy test. "For best results:" eliminate the irritants, then make digestion easier on your body and make the body's acidity level conducive to healing. I don't think I've budged my acidity level, but I'm glad it's harvest season and there are lots of yummy foods to enjoy. I expect it will be much harder to keep up when I'm away from home, so I'm giving it a good go now.

    Sheesh, what a download. I hope you find something helpful in all that! Feel better soon! XO

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