Beating Hypothyroidism

Where Has September Gone?

This post may be even shorter than the last one, but I’m still here…just needing some time to ‘recover.’ I wound up having the tooth that was giving me so much trouble pulled.

I finally went back to the dentist yesterday because, after almost two weeks on round-the-clock pain, I wanted to know why. Apparently the gum ripped quite nicely when the tooth came out. It was far enough back that I couldn’t see it, but at least now I have a reason. If it’s not better in a ‘week or two,’ I’m supposed to go back in. Sure hope it’s better, because I’m feeling a bit like a zombie these days.

So until I start waking up again, I’m probably not posting anything. This is completely unrelated to the hypothyroidism, and there’s no sense in even pretending to see improvements.

I will say that I’ve been continuing with everything I was doing before, and surprisingly enough, I’m still getting through my days without regular naps, so something must be helping. Now I just need for this pain to go away, and start getting more sleep again.


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One thought on “Where Has September Gone?

  1. Phooey on care providers who don’t mention things like major tears and how big a deal healing is going to be. :-/

    Hurray for support regimens that help you through tough times! 🙂

    May your healing kick into a faster gear, Kristy. XO

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