Beating Hypothyroidism

A Couple of Quick Observations

I really will get to the comment…sooner rather than later, I hope. I’m just still so darned tired, and the pain from the extraction – almost three weeks ago now – doesn’t seem to know whether it wants to go away, or make my jaw feel like it’s on fire.


Being so tired, it’s far too easy to fall into the simple meals frame of mind, which means gluten-containing foods way, way too often.

I haven’t been paying attention to the carb crashes, whether they’re as bad with gluten or not, but I have noticed two major issues. Well, technically it’s four issues, but two are directly related to the others..

First is bloating. Good grief! I can’t even begin to tell you how bad the bloating gets if I eat more than the occasional gluten-containing meal. Two or three days of it (currently at three) and it’s miserable.

Second, when you’re bloated this much, you can have what feels like heart palpitations. And it can scare the living snot out of you. When I’m being good and eating gluten free, I’m not bloated at all…and no scary stuff is going on.

Third is the edema. My feet and ankles swell right up. Maybe not like balloons, but enough so they’re uncomfortable. I retain fluid elsewhere, it’s just more noticeable there.

And finally, fourth, a side effect of the edema, is breathlessness. Yup. When you retain fluids, it can cause you to get out of breath. According to my eye doctor, it’s because the fluid in your tissues can press against the lungs. Something like that anyway. Yippee…not!

So I’m not waiting the extra week. I’m calling my dentist later today…after I’ve gotten some sleep. I need this pain to be taken care of…immediately. And I do mean immediately. Now that the weather is cooling off, when that air hits my cheek and jaw, it makes it so much worse.

I’m not a baby about pain either. After the accident, I frustrated the heck out of my physiatrist because I refused to take pain meds. And the pain was so bad it was affecting my blood pressure (as in an average of 160-170/90-95 for most of three years). It was also what started my difficulties sleeping. For two of those years I averaged 3-4 hours sleep every 24 hours…every single night. That’s why an off night or two can set me right back into that pattern. Apparently my mind and body got used to functioning at that level, and is more than ready to go back to it.

So that’s how much this is hurting. Yes, I’m kind of whining. But that’s why I’m doing so bad with the blog right now, with visiting other blogs, with pretty much everything in my life. Bear with me, please. I will get this sorted out soon. And then I’m taking a week to sleep and nap to my heart’s content.


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