Beating Hypothyroidism

I Blew It

Not everything, but a whole lot of the progress I made in October fell by the wayside during November.  The weight loss has stayed right around eight pounds, but I’m  retaining fluid like mad. Why?

Because I put too much stress on myself during National Novel Writing Month. I not only did the 50,000 words in 12 days, and the manuscript I’d been working on in October, but I also wrote a 21,200+ word novella, and added 6,000+ words to another book I’m working on. Instead of just taking on one stressful project, I nearly doubled it.

And that resulted in too much fatigue…and falling off the gluten-free wagon. In addition to a few pounds of water weight, I’m also fighting near constant fatigue now, fatigue even the supplements and coconut oil aren’t combating as well as they usually do. I’ve been getting through most of the month sucking down an herbal tea I take for energy…and drinking way too much of it.

The worst thing about it all is that, according to label directions, I’m supposed to take a couple of months off the adrenal support right now. But given the massive amount of stress I added to my life in November, I guess I’ll just give it through the first of the year. I’m definitely ordering another bottle tomorrow. Maybe two, because I never did work up to taking it twice a day. It might be time.

Did I forget to mention that my treadmill time was pretty much non-existent, too?

Yeah, when I screw up, I don’t mess around, do I?

Fortunately I can use my brain once in awhile. Per usual, when I screw up and eat gluten containing foods for too long, the fatigue gets to me. And I have gotten smarter than I was last year, when I gave up on it entirely – to the tune of about six months. When I went back off it this spring, it took weeks before I started feeling better again.

Then I took that ‘weekend’ off at some point during the summer. The weekend that quickly morphed into about five weeks (it might have been six). Right now I’m in the neighborhood of a month. And thank goodness, it doesn’t take as long to bounce back from a month or so as it does from six. This time next week, I should be back to my fairly energetic self. At least mostly.

I’m going to take the week to just get accustomed to being off gluten again, maybe making some gluten-free Christmas treats to have on hand for when I start drooling over the things everyone else can have – except me, and then not plan on cheating again…except for the big family Christmas party in mid-December, and Christmas Eve at my sister’s house.

When I’m behaving, I can have gluten every week or so and it doesn’t affect me at all. Or at least not that I can tell, so this should work fine for me.

Once I’m used to eating gluten free 95% of the time again, I’ll work back into low carb at least four days a week, because it’s amazing how much better I feel when I limit carbs.

So anyway…

Hi, I’m Kristy…and I’m a stress and gluten junkie.

And finally- I’ve said it before, and I’m saying it again…I hate hypothyroidism. It is just unbelievable the way it can screw up your life.


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4 thoughts on “I Blew It

  1. gluten is a pain in the patootie

    • You know it, Louise! I don’t have a problem with most gluten-free foods, but the bread products just drive me nuts. Schar is better than most, but it’s still not the same. And then there’s the whole…jeez it would be SO nice to just pick up something quick for supper, but I have to be gluten-free so no quick stuff for me.

      I’m not feeling as negative as I sound. In fact, I’m feeling pretty decent again…and it didn’t take a full week. I’m going to do a quick post about it so I won’t go into it here. 🙂

  2. Ah, Kristy. I look at it this way. Every hard landing after you fall off the wagon just reinforces that you DO have the power to improve how you feel…even if you didn’t do it last time.

    You can beat yourself up for falling off, or you can look at all those tools you have for exercise, diet, rest, etc. that you KNOW will make you feel better. After spending so long NOT knowing what would help, having tools in my kit is a great comfort to me.

    It’s a thrill to burn through your reserves and accomplish big things. But for everyday life, it’s great you have tools that reliably keep you in the green zone.

    Rest up and feel better! We’re rooting for you. XO

    • Thanks, Shelly. 🙂

      I do wind up with more tools…every time. I also learn a little quicker…and always hope I can just keep up with the plan. Gluten-free 95+% of the time, leaving a little wiggle room for when I just can’t stand it (‘real’ dumplings and biscuits, or a donut once in awhile).

      Hopefully this time I’ve learned a permanent lesson. Set REASONABLE goals, and pigging out on gluten for weeks at a time really sucks for me, lol. 🙂

      Hugs. 🙂

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