Beating Hypothyroidism

About Me

Hello. I guess it’s that place where I try to tell you a little bit about myself…and try  even harder not to bore you to tears.
I’m just basically a normal person, same as everyone else. I live in a house that doesn’t clean itself, have kids who expect to eat every day, have more laundry than ten families should have to deal with, and share this space with a few pets. Okay…seven pets. Two dogs and five cats. I’m really a big sucker for a ‘Mom…please.’ At least I was. I’ve had to put my foot down and say no more!
In addition to the ‘normal’ stuff, I’m also a writer.
I was also diagnosed with hypothyroidism about a year and a half ago.
Frankly, I’d gone to see the doctor in February 2011 because I thought I was depressed. I was still struggling with injuries sustained in an auto accident in late 2008, and thought everything that was wrong with me was related to that.
Turns out I actually have had hypothyroidism for quite some time. Earlier blood tests indicated it, but the doctor I was seeing at the time chose to ignore it. And the accident likely made it worse.
My current doctor has been pretty good about treating me, but I wound up starting this blog because the Synthroid wasn’t making me feel better. I really just wanted to sleep all the time, and couldn’t lose the weight that shouldn’t have been an issue in the first place.
Unfortunately a sluggish thyroid is a bit like the Three Bears. Too little, too much, or just right, your calories are as likely as not to put weight on you. I know. I’ve tracked it. I typically eat about half the calories it would take to maintain my weight. Meaning I should not only have no excess pounds, I should be pretty darned thin. Maybe even underweight.
So this blog is a journey for me. From March through October 2012, it was all about finding supplements to help with the fatigue and just generally feeling lousy. Now that I’ve found what helps me, I’m changing it to reflect my current needs…which is to lose the extra pounds and get in better shape.



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