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It’s Been a LONG Month…

…and it’s only just half over. I have National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) to thank for that. In twelve days, I wrote nearly 55,000 words, almost 5,000 to finish the manuscript I was working on in September and October, and then a completely new book.
Twelve days…
Let’s just say that it was a challenge in more ways than one. And I’m not finished yet. I’m hoping to finish yet another manuscript (about 25,000 words), and write a new novella to have ready in time for Christmas.
Why explain all of this? Because I got wound up stressed out and extremely exhausted. Writing is harder work than you might think. Add in way too many political recordings in the weeks leading up to the election, along with the telemarketers who don’t know what the ‘Do Not Call List’ is…or they just choose to ignore it. Yes, those calls interrupted my sleep on an almost daily basis. And once I wake up, it’s tough for me to fall back to sleep.
I was tired, wound up eating gluten…for about two weeks. And kind of let the 4+ days a week eating low carb fall by the wayside. I also, when I needed it the most, started slacking off the coconut oil. Again.
But I think I’ve gotten back on track, and have maintained more than half of my weight loss, which is a miracle.
It’s also annoying, because technically, I wasn’t eating that many calories. I just started eating more carbs. Mostly carbs with gluten, but they’re actually not higher in calories than the gluten-free varieties.
So clearly my body doesn’t like carbs. At least not too many of them. So I’m back on track, and heading to the grocery store tomorrow for what will become the staples of my low carb days. Because I’ll have to treat them like people who do the meal replacement shakes…just a bunch of repetitiveness.
I do the best when I limit my low carb days to boneless, skinless chicken breasts cooked in coconut oil, and a casserole of sorts. Cooked, chopped cauliflower with cream cheese, cheddar, and a little heavy cream. So most low carb days I’m going to aim to have that meal 2-3 times a day. I’m trying to force the third meal because I know the calories are just too low when I only eat twice.
I’ve also decided to change this blog a bit, and make it more of a of ‘losing weight with hypothyroidism.’ I will continue to share what I’m doing to help me with they symptoms of hypothyroidism, and how those things are working, but I know a lot of people, women in particular, struggle with losing weight, even after they begin taking Synthroid and Armour.
So for those who don’t need to lose weight, or who aren’t interested in losing weight, I apologize, because you likely won’t find much use for this blog anymore. But now that fatigue isn’t as much of an  issue it was for me early in the year, it’s time for me to change my focus to what’s next on the list…and that is getting rid of the thyroid-related weight.

Definitely Been A While…

Just to quickly explain, I might have mentioned that when the dentist pulled my tooth, it tore the side of the gum pretty bad. In addition, it looks like one of the many shots injured a nerve, so the pain still gets pretty bad at times. Last night was one of those nights and I got very little sleep. Hopefully it will continue to improve…a whole lot faster than it has been. It’s seriously screwing up my online life. Hard to make the blog rounds, or do much of anything else with stuff like this going on.

On to other…better…news.

A week or so ago, I really seemed to lose my appetite. I mean a lot. As in I wasn’t even hungry until I’d been up eight or nine hours. I also was only eating one or two small meals a day. I know some of it was water weight, but in less than a week, I dropped eight or nine pounds.

That gave me all the incentive I needed to start something I’d seriously been considering for some time now. So on Monday, I started carb cycling.

The first day I basically had a big chicken breast (boneless/skinless) fried slow in a little coconut oil with salt, garlic and parmesan cheese. In addition, for the day, I had a tablespoon of coconut oil, a tablespoon or so of butter, maybe half a dozen bites of an egg/sausage/cheese scramble, and 2 cups of V8 juice.

Tuesday it was an even larger chicken breast, prepared the same way, and split into two ‘meals,’ most of a can of green beans, 3 tablespoons of butter, 2 tablespoons of coconut oil, and a slice of cheese.

Those were the low carb days (4 per week…50 or fewer grams of carbs).

Wednesday was a medium carb day (2 days per week…100-200 grams), and I had…3 slices of ham lunch meat and 1 slice of gluten free toast with 1 1/2 teaspoons of butter for lunch. Supper was 3/4 to 1 cup of instant potatoes with 2 tablespoons of butter, 3 slices of chopped ham lunch meat, and a cup of V8 juice. Because I was so low on carbs, I had a scant 1/4 cup of chocolate chips and 3 marshmallows, and then 1/4 up of sunflower seeds later.

I also finally found out how to use coconut oil for weight loss…1 tablespoon BEFORE meals, so I had three of those today, too.

Yes, I know the fat content has been rather high, but on the low carb days, you’re supposed to have a 50/50 thing going on with calories…50% of them coming from protein, and 50% coming from good fats. I’m going to be mixing the butter and coconut oil for a healthier substitute, I think.

But, no matter how you slice it, it’s sugar, carbs, and processed foods that put the weight on. However, I don’t believe that total low carb is good for you either, so that’s why I went with the carb cycling. I don’t eliminate any food groups that way, and can even have fruits on the medium and high carb days. High carb days are, for me right now, 1 day a week, and I’m supposed to get in 400-600 grams. That’s going to be rough.

And I’m also going for a wider variety and more veggies and fruits when I get to the grocery store.

But get this…I’m down a total of twelve pounds in just over a week.

Why am I sharing all of this with you? Because it’s the first time in I don’t know how long that I’ve lost weight. And it’s a pretty significant loss, too. I couldn’t be more thrilled. Well, I could…if the jaw pain would go away permanently, but even so…this is fantastic!

Now I want to add that I never ate a whole lot anyway. Of course I had those days from time to time…you know…where you eat anything that isn’t nailed down. But usually I didn’t eat a whole lot.

Something is working. I couldn’t lose it before…no matter what I did. Now it’s coming off. And you know what? On the low carb days, I don’t really get hungry. I may have to have another snack before I go to bed today though (it’s still Wednesday to me). I think it’s the carbs I’ve eaten that are doing it. But tomorrow is another low day, so it likely won’t be a problem.

So anyway, this is longer than I planned, but I had to share it with you. For those of you with hypothyroidism, and are discouraged because you can’t lose any weight, even with Synthroid, Armour, or whatever you’re taking for it…there is hope! It’s been 18 months since my diagnosis, and this is the first time anything has come off. I’m completely amazed!

I’ll keep you posted on my progress, which I expect to slow down sooner rather than later. But I expect it to also continue coming off. That’s why I’m so happy about this. I finally have hope. 🙂

Oops. Two more quick notes. Six months off the electronic cigarettes…yay! Also, I’m curious as to whether the dessicated adrenal support supplements are having anything to do with the success this time. Does anyone have any experience with them? I know I’m not stopping after the 90 days are up.

Another Change in the Works…

It’s not like I haven’t made a few changes over the past two and a half months.  I’ve actually made several.  I decided last night that I’m adding yet another one to the list.  One I’m actually more apprehensive about than any of the others.  Except maybe the electronic cigarettes (and I am really hoping those cravings go away soon because it still seems harder than it was the first couple of weeks).

This change is coming about because I got bored one night and checked out what was available on Hulu.  There was a documentary that sounded interesting called Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.  I figured it would be along the lines of the ones others have done about fast food restaurants…but I was wrong.

The gentleman starring in the documentary is named Joe Cross, an Australian who weighs in excess of 300 pounds…and has an autoimmune disease (that I can’t pronounce, spell…or even recall the name of).  He compares it to having chronic hives.  And he’s going to come to the United States, drive across the country…and do a juice fast all the way.  For sixty-days.  Nothing but vegetable and fruit juices to sustain him.  No meat, no fat, no fast food, no french fries…just freshly juiced juice.  You can watch the film at his website, Reboot Your Life, for free.

Sorry, I wish I could find one you could watch on the blog, but there isn’t another one.  I think it would be worth your time to see if you’d like to watch the documentary though.

Long story short, he dropped a lot of weight…and he’s off all medication (including Prednisone) because his autoimmune disease seems to be gone.

Curious, I started Googling ‘juicing and hypothyroidism,’ and was quite stunned by some of the things I discovered.  That radishes…a goitrogen…are among the most beneficial foods you can consume for your thyroid health (hyper and hypo) was most surprising.

Dr. Mercola claims that when we have enough of a sulphur (his spelling, not mine-he’s a doctor)  compound found in the radish  circulating in our bloodstreams, the thyroid is less apt to over- or under-produce detrimental hormones.   He states that a steady diet of radishes and radish juice can benefit us, and recommends juicing carrots or cucumber, celery, radishes, and lemon, adding a dash of powdered kelp or dulse for a boost of iodine if you wish.

An article on Hub Pages impressed me the most though.  What this woman had to say lined up with most of the other information I found last night.  And so I decided, before I ever got to her juicing recipe, I was going to do whatever she had done.  I expected to start spending a small fortune on fruits and veggies, but I’m desperate enough to feel better, it would be worth it.

Her recipe, though, shocked me.

4 radishes, juiced; low sodium V8-to taste; hot sauce-to taste (she uses Tapatio brand); and cayenne pepper to taste.

That’s it.  She does this twice a day, has lost weight, feels great and…after several months…is off all thyroid meds.  She stresses the importance of working with your doctor and to not stop your meds.

Well, I have an appointment on June 7th so I’ll talk to my doctor about it then (or not).  But I’ve decided to start the ‘radish juice’ this weekend…twice daily until my next appointment in mid-August.  I’m not even going to ask her to change my Synthroid to Armour until August.

Am I looking forward to this?  Nope.  I’m not all that fond of radishes.  A little diced in my potato salad is more than enough for me.  But I’ll do what it takes to be energetic again, and if this can help, I’m willing to hold my nose and give it a go for the summer.  By the time October rolls around, I should know whether it’s helping or not.

I’ve also decided to do some ‘regular’ juicing once or twice a day, maybe add some ice and turn it into a smoothie.  And who knows.  I might even be willing to give Joe Cross’ juice fast a try.  Probably not for 60 days though.  But you never know….

I’ve Narrowed Down What Helps The Most

And it certainly isn’t Synthroid.

At the very top of the list is….coconut oil.  Since starting this blog, I’ve used up a jar that was three-quarters of the way full…and I’m about a third of the way through a second.  I am just stunned at how much worse I feel on days when I forget to take it.

Second in line is B-complex.  I don’t know why that helps as much as it does, but I still wish I could take it two or three times a day.

Third…it’s kind of a toss up.  Fish oil, vitamin C, and my women’s multi all help to some degree, but not as much as the other things.  I won’t stop taking them, though, because I know they contribute to my functioning better.

How am I functioning?  Better.  I wish I could say good, but I can’t.  My sleep schedule is more fouled up than ever (BIG mistake to take coconut oil after ten at night!).  Most days I still so tired I wish I could have a nap.  Sometimes I even give in and take one.

The main reason for the insomnia is pain…a ‘side effect’ from the accident.  However, I’ve decided I can’t procrastinate anymore.  I know that going to the pool controls it and, no matter how tired I might be, I have to just force myself to go.  In a couple of weeks, I’ll be able to use my treadmill again, which also helps (and since I’ve given up the electronic cigarettes, I should be able to really start hoofing it).

So my updated plan is…

* Make sure I take coconut oil three times a day (no more screwing around with once or twice).

* Make sure I take my B-complex, fish oil, other supplements, one fruit smoothie, and one glass of swamp sludge (powdered green superfood for those who don’t know what I’m talking about…I do not wander down to the nearest swamp and drink out of it…honest) daily.

* Get to the pool at least three times a week.  I’m afraid going six days a week last year burned me out, but I’d still like to work up to that again.

* Make a better effort to increase my water intake.

* Start working on my sleep schedule as soon as the pain starts easing up.

* Show my doctor that the list of side effects for Armour are pretty much identical to the list for Synthroid…and switch to Armour.  Also, remember to take along the dosage information about how to switch from one to the other.

That’s about it for now.  This road is turning out to be much longer than I thought it would be.  But I’m still determined.  I intend to live a good, long, energetic and healthy life.

Hot and Cold

Who knows how long my hypothyroidism went undiagnosed.  Based on memory alone, I’ve had the most common symptoms for about fourteen years.  Some even longer.

I’ve said for as long as I can remember that a ‘normal’ temperature is probably a low grade fever for me.  The average morning reading on my thermometer is 97.0-97.5.  It’s usually somewhere close to what’s considered normal by the time I go to bed, and sometimes earlier…depending on what I’m doing or how hot it is wherever I happen to be.  I didn’t discover until after I was diagnosed that it’s a clear indication of a thyroid problem.

One problem I didn’t associate at all with hypothyroidism are the issues I have with heat in the summer.  It’s not a typical symptom and is, in fact, associated more with hyperthyroidism.  Of course I have to be one of the oddballs who experiences both heat and cold sensitivity (and I am far from alone in this).  Anything between around 30 degrees…all the way up to 65 degrees and I’m comfortable.  Above or below those temps and I’m miserable.

But feel much, much worse in the summer.  It’s almost like someone flips a ‘turn Kristy off’ switch in the middle of May, and then a ‘turn Kristy back on’ switch in late September or early October.

I always feel like I’m melting in the summer, but I never actually do…

And it’s here.  It’s supposed to hit the mid-80’s this weekend and I just dread it.  Time to get the air conditioners going and avoid going outdoors as much as possible.  I’ve been hoping that the Synthroid would level my internal thermostat out…but so far, no real improvements.

Since I can’t figure out why my three month old printer isn’t printing, I took the time tonight to write down side effects from two different websites (one being WebMD) for my doctor.  I couldn’t find the websites that listed so many more for Synthroid, but these are fine with me.  The side effects for both Armour Thyroid and Synthroid on these two sites are pretty much identical.  I’ve put them in an envelope in my purse in preparation for my next appointment.

So off that subject….

It took longer than I thought to bounce back from the not so gluten-free pizza incident (won’t make that mistake again!).  I’m doing better with the supplements and coconut oil, and being a little more productive again.

This coming Wednesday will be five weeks off the electronic cigarettes.  Most of the time I’ve been okay with it but some days I’m ready to pack it in an place another order.  So far I’ve resisted…and will continue to do so.  I like the fact that I can already walk faster without getting so out of breath.  That I don’t feel congested by the end of the day.  That I rarely cough or clear my throat anymore.

The nicotine gum, however, is a different story.  I am using more of that but I’m not going to worry about it for a couple more months.  One addiction at a time here…of the nicotine variety.  My raspberry Bismark craving feels like an addiction, and I’m going to have to break down and see what I can come up with.  I was just hoping that we’d have a freak cold front move in.

Oh hey…  I picked up some gluten-free foods on clearance at a local grocery store.  If you ever see something called ‘puffed corn cereal,’ don’t buy it.  I thought I was getting something along the lines of puffed wheat.  Um….nope.  It’s actually the puffy part of real popcorn.  I poured some in a bowl, added sugar and milk…and prepared to enjoy it.  And then I noticed hulls still attached to some of the pieces.  Sure enough…popcorn.

It wasn’t horrible, but I won’t be doing that again.  I’m going to try to turn BOTH bags (yes, I bought two) into caramel corn or something.

At least now I know why it was on clearance…

Better Again

It took a few days, but I’m back to feeling better.  I can’t begin to tell you how stunning it was to find that just a little bit of gluten could make me feelsotired for a few days.  No question that I will be a whole lot more careful in the future.

I need to experiment with some recipes though.  While I probably only had a couple a year, on average, I have had this terrible craving for a raspberry Bismark.  I think about them far too often.  It was an insatiable craving for a ‘real’ hot dog bun for a bonfire-roasted hot dog that got me off track last year…and I don’t even like hot dogs much.  Given that I love Bismarks (which is why I won’t eat them often), I’d best get busy finding a gluten-free substitute soon!

Not much else to report.  I’m a bit tired tonight.  I suspect that’s due to a jump in temperatures.  We’re hitting the mid-seventies and low 80’s this week.  Quite a jump from the 50’s and 60’s.  I wish I were like most people with hypothyroidism and could feel cold in the summer.  Sometimes I think I have reverse SADD…mine hits around the middle of May and doesn’t go away until late September or early October.  I just don’t like being too warm.

I’ll be going in for my blood test sometime in the next week or so and find out what the increased dose of Synthroid is doing for my TSH level.  In the meantime, I need to figure out why my printer won’t print, because I intend to take in a list comparing the side effects of Synthroid and Armour.  Kind of wonder with the doc will say when she has concrete proof that the Synthroid list is basically the same…and half again as long…as the Armour.

Learning As I Go

Okay.  So I’ve been taking digestive enzymes since April second.  And they were just amazing…for the first few weeks.  But then I noticed I was beginning to feel full for hours after meals again.  I put it down to slacking off my water intake, but that didn’t seem to make much of a difference.  But I figured they must be doing good things because they were supposed do good things.

Well I got a little annoyed a few days ago and started Googling.  I wish I’d thought to take note of the two websites I found, but I was too tired to think of it (more on that in a second).  The first suggested that acidophilus might make them work more effectively.  That does make sense.  Not only does it help keep good bacteria in your intestines, it’s also for digestive health.

The other one suggested that the body can get too much of a good thing.  It’s possible for anything to become ineffective if you don’t take some days off.  That’s exactly how it works with melatonin and echinacea (an herb).  So I started taking the enzymes every other day.  It might be helping, but I’ll have to see how it goes.

Now why was I tired?

My cousin warned me that Domino’s offers a gluten-free crust, NOT a gluten-free pizza.  But I guess it really didn’t register.  And I truly wish it had.

Within 24 hours I was feeling exhausted again.  Not only that, I’ve had a lot of sinus pressure…and two days ago I had a pretty nasty headache.  Another thing I wish is that I’d realized this yesterday (Thursday), because I had another slice each of the pizza and cheese bread.  My sinuses have been worse again today.

I had gone back to my notes on blogs from last year because I was feeling a little better.  Sure enough, things seem to be moving along at a similar pace this time around.

Or they were until I started eating that pizza.  In Domino’s defense, they have a video with a disclaimer.  The pizza is NOT for anyone with Celiac’s, but should be fine for anyone with a mild sensitivity to gluten.  Apparently mine isn’t as mild as I’d hoped it was.

Does anyone else find themselves getting angry about any of this stuff?  I don’t get that way very often but I have to say that between the hypothyroidism, possible metabolic syndrome (still dragging my feet on the testing for that one…fix the thyroid first…then look at other things) and gluten issues, I’m pretty annoyed this week.

Diet and exercise don’t help get me in shape at all.  It’s all a waste of time until we find the right dose of Synthroid or Armour.  It’s all good for better health, but still discouraging.  Now I have to give up good homemade bread, thick and yeasty pizza crust, donuts, flour tortillas…and a host of other gluten-containing foods I love. 

Tonight my kids and I met my mom, siblings and their families at a fancy restaurant in town for an early Mother’s Day celebration.  My brothers are playing softball all weekend so this was the only time we could all get together.

This restaurant has wonderful loaves of warm bread.  I mean it’s delicious.  But I could only sit there and try to distract myself while everyone was enjoying it…and salads with croutons.  Everyone, it seems, can have croutons on their salads.  If I hadn’t noticed one lone crouton on my salad, I wouldn’t have known that whoever prepared it put them on, then removed them.  It’s a pain to always have to draw attention to the fact that you can’t have this or that.

And you’re so limited in your meal choices when eating out.  Fast food for me?  A Burger King plain Whopper patty and a Wendy’s baked potato.  Thank God for Frosty’s or it would be a boring meal.  Sit down restaurants?  Meat, baked potatoes, salads and veggies. No Mexican food.  Nothing with pasta.  No bread products.  No biscuits.

Tomorrow my daughter and I are getting together with my mom and aunts and uncles again.  It’s always a food-fest.  And I have to come up with a dish to pass that I can have so I don’t have to prepare something separate.

It does make me mad.  I’ll get over it, but this week my nose was rubbed in the fact that I’ll never have good pizza or bread again.  Not if I want to avoid added fatigue, sinus pressure and headaches.

Even while I was typing that my eyes were drawn to a package of crackers on my desk.  Thanks to the European brand, Schar (with two dots above the ‘a’), life is a little easier than it could be.  These ‘Table Crackers,’ if I haven’t mentioned it before, arewonderful. No, they aren’t a saltine, but they’re pretty darned close.  And best of all, they don’t have a rice cake texture.  They have a crumbly cracker-y texture.

But Schar also makes bread products…and they’re much, much, much better than the other brand I was using.  In addition, I bought a bag of their shortbread cookies.  When I think shortbread, I think Lorna Doone’s (I love Lorna Doone’s!).  My hopes were quickly dashed when I saw them.  They taste like those round cookies that have a hole in the center and scallops on the outside.  Crushed, and mixed with some melted butter, they make a wonderful no-bake pie crust.  I think these will work just fine, so I’m experimenting with a chocolate pie tomorrow.

So angry as I am at the things I have to give up, I guess there will always be a part of me that tries to see the silver lining.  It could be worse.  A whole lot worse.  It could be carbs in general that I can’t tolerate.  And let me tell you, gluten-free carbs are better than no carbs at all.

Oops.  One more quick note.  Did I mention that I tried corn spaghetti noodles last week?  Could not tell the difference between it and regular spaghetti noodles (except these were pretty yellow).  That made buying the curly noodles a necessity.  They made lovely ‘mac’ and cheese.  I used some for another dish but I can’t remember what it was (that’s how tired I’ve been since the pizza).

So basically it’s been one step forward and two back this week.  Sigh…

Scared Out of it Again

I’ll start off by saying that I really like my doctor.  But I finally realized that she’s very much pro-Synthroid.  She was perfectly willing to write me a prescription for Armour Thyroid yesterday, and I was relieved that I didn’t have to argue my case.  But then, after we’d discussed my anxiety attack in early March, she started telling me some things to watch for…including anxiety attacks.

She also scared the heck out of me when she said if my throat started feeling sore-at all-I needed to contact her immediately.  Why?  Because Armour Thyroid can cause something called Thyroiditis.

Long story short, I said forget it and she increased my Synthroid to 100 mcg.

After I got home, disgusted that I was still on a medication that hadn’t done a darned bit of good for a year, I realized that while she was very quick to rattle off a list of side effects for the Armour, not once had she mentioned even one for the Synthroid.  So I did a little Googling.

Know what I found out?

The side effects for Synthroid are half again as long as the list for Armour.  Most are exactly the same…and some are worse.

I don’t know why so many doctors are against Armour, but it seems to be a sort of epidemic.  I’m going to educate myself a little more before I see her again in six weeks, and actually take in a list comparing the two.    Unless I experience a major turn around between now and then, I’ll be trying the Armour…and I will NOT be talked out of it again.

To change the subject abruptly, I have definitely been feeling better since starting back on the coconut oil.  No, I don’t feel particularly energetic, but I haven’t been quite so tired the past few days.  I’ve only been doing a tablespoon twice a day, figuring I’ll work up to the four over a week or so.

Now for another question.  Has anyone ever had a doctor tell them that treating women for hypothyroidism after they turn forty is hard to do because of fluctuating hormone levels?   That this is why TSH levels can bounce all over the chart?

Forgot An Important Key To Feeling Better

Over the course of about three years I bought two jars of coconut oil.  Each time I let them sit on my counter until I figured they must have spoiled, and then I threw them away.  But I kept reading that coconut oil helped increase energy levels and so, I bought a third jar…and actually used it.

Did it help?

Yup.  Within about thirty minutes of gagging it down, I always felt better.  But it was the ‘gagging it down’ that kept me  at one tablespoon a day.  It did get easier after awhile, and some days I remembered to take it twice.  But I never got up to the recommended three to four a day.

After my hypothyroidism diagnosis, I was especially glad I was taking it because coconut oil has been touted to improve thyroid function…from many sources, Mercola being one of them.  In some ways I think this doctor is a little over the top for me, but he also has some good information.  It’s not practical, or economical, to change ones diet as drastically as he recommends.

So when, and why, did I stop taking it?  I can’t remember.  Probably for a variety of reasons….2011 was just one of those years.

But now the jar is back on my desk.

Why my desk?  Because if that’s where I spend the majority of my time.  If I don’t keep the supplements I want to take right in front of my face, it slips my mind.  And if I want to remember to use the coconut oil, that’s where I have to keep it.

And I will start using it three or four times a day.  It’s also supposed to help with weight loss, and I’d like to lose some extra pounds that won’t budge no matter what I do.  Yes, coconut oil is supposed to help with that, too.


Yes.  Somehow the body doesn’t store it as fat, but uses it for immediate energy.  Plus it’s a medium chain triglycerides (MCT’s), which can help with weight loss efforts.

I like how this doctor explains it.

As with anything you can try, there are those who say it will work and those who say it won’t.  I choose to believe the supporters of this particular thing…because I’ve seen the proof that it helps.  At least as far as energy goes.  We’ll see if it helps the weight loss and thyroid numbers.

For the record, I use organic expeller pressed coconut oil because that’s what’s been most available in my small community.   That variety still has the MCT’s and most of the benefits, but extra virgin coconut oil is the better choice.


So I’m finally seeing my doctor on Thursday and will be requesting that she change my prescription from Synthroid to Amour Thyroid.  She was perfectly willing to do it last year, but then scared me out of it by saying something about Armour causing heart problems.  Has anyone else been told that?  And if you’ve previously been on Synthroid (or other non-natural thyroid meds), and changed to Armour, have you noticed an improvement?  If so, how long did it take?

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