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Yes, I’m Posting More Than Usual

But part of the reason I’m doing this blog is to have an easily accessible record of what I’m doing, what is working, and what is not.

Carb cycling is hard. Not because I have trouble on the low carb days, but for two important reasons. First, there’s no way in the world I can eat 400 carbs a day on the high carb days, much less 600. And second, on the low carb days, I’m just not hungry.

An example low carb day for me is 5 oz chicken breast, 1/2 cup of cauliflower with cheddar and a little cream cheese,  2 scrambled eggs with a slice of American cheese, and a few bottles of water.

That results in far too few calories, which exacerbates the problem of not taking in enough calories when I’m eating a normal diet.

And this is what I find most frustrating about this whole hypothyroidism thing. I think it’s something that bugs most women with under-active thyroid issues. We tend to eat much less than most people, but we’re still stuck with extra weight.

So, as big a pain as it is, I am going to have to hit the treadmill more, and work up the enthusiasm to get back to the pool a few days a week. The only thing that’s kept me out of it is all the stuff I read about chlorine and bromine (I think that’s what’s in the exercise pool). There are no dry heat saunas nearby so I can detox those chemicals from my body but…what else am I going to do?

I feel like I’ve hit a wall here. The coconut oil and supplements are so amazing in the changes they’ve made in me. I’m 99% sure that the 12 pounds (and no, I haven’t budged at all from there in a few days) is due to the addition of the adrenal support supplements.

(I’m reasoning things out with myself here, if you’re thinking I’m nuts)

Oh… I’m back to ingesting swamp sludge once a day again. I decided the heck with the fact that it has goitrogens. I have to believe the nutrition is well worth the trade off.

So, I’ll keep plugging away. In the mean time, not being able to eat enough calories DOES allow for the occasional bit of ice cream. Not everything is frustrating.  🙂

**Note to self…making use of the Kindle on the treadmill makes the time pass MUCH faster.

***Another note to self…hoofing it on the treadmill when it’s 62 degrees, with the humidity at 95%, sucks.


The Fast So Far…

…has been a bust.

So I only managed to last 17 hours into the fast. I think it had a lot to do with having a toothache disturbing my sleep for the past month (and now the pain from having it pulled on Wednesday) and PMS. It’s pretty much impossible for me to have much self-control when I’m exhausted and having chocolate cravings.

I also realized that it’s a pretty drastic change, and I’ll probably have better success with it if I ease into it, as opposed to diving in headfirst.

So for now I’ll just do the juices, smoothies and fresh fruits and veggies for most of each day, and then have a regular meal/snack (if needed).

Of course once I start feeling better, I may be able to do better, too. Hopefully the continued pain is just because I wound up with numerous shots, and the tooth broke with the first try, so she had to dig the roots out (makes me cringe remembering). I really hope that’s what it’s from because several weeks of this is just not something I want to think about. (and people wonder why I don’t like going to the dentist)

Anyway, I can tell you that I think I’ll like switching my diet up. I mostly did fruit smoothies on Wednesday/early Thursday. I was miserable and in no mood to mess with the juicer.

I found it to be a simple, no thought involved way to get the nutrition in. Smoothies are filling, especially when you add a tablespoon of coconut oil. The only thing that could possibly make this plan better is if I could have  unlimited steamed broccoli. It’s just NOT right that my favorite veggie is a goitrogen (not good for hypothyroidism, for those who didn’t know that).

Basically I have no good news to report this week. But at least it isn’t because of the hypothyroidism or any of the ‘normal’ things causing the fatigue.

Yes. I am whining. And that’s my fault. I could have some relief, but I don’t want to take Advil round the clock, so I’m limiting it to twice a day.

On a more positive note, I am down about 3 pounds this week. I’d like to give credit to the smoothie day, and technically I probably could, but it’s from water weight. For some reason, all the bananas, cherries and OJ helped with that tremendously.

I apologize that this isn’t my best effort. Any effort at all today is more than I wanted to put forth.

An Interesting Couple of Weeks

Today marks two weeks since I eliminated gluten from my diet.  Am I feeling better?  Yes I am.  I’m not ready to enter a marathon, but I’m definitely a little more awake than I was.

Unfortunately I can’t give gluten-free all the credit.  During this two weeks I started taking the digestive enzymes…and using coconut oil again.  I’ve also been continuing with the supplements, mostly B12 (up to about 2000 mcg daily), B-complex, vitamin C, A, D and a calcium/magnesium/zinc combination.  It’s kind of hit and miss with the fish oil and a few other things.  And I added the herbal tea back into the mix…in moderation this time.

A decrease in the fatigue isn’t the only benefit I’ve noticed though.  I’m retaining less fluid and, wonder of wonders, I’ve dropped about six pounds….which is strange since I haven’t even been dieting.  No doubt some of it was water weight.  Who knows?  Maybe all of it was.  But it will be interesting to see what happens over the next six weeks with the higher dose of Synthroid.

If the weight loss continues, with no other changes, I think it will prove something I’ve said for a long, long time.  I consistently eat far fewer calories than it takes to maintain my weight.  And I certainly don’t eat enough to gain weight.  Something is (or was?!) seriously not right about the way my metabolism works.  Or doesn’t work…

I’m going to credit most of the positive changes to the digestive enzymes (followed closely by the coconut oil).  If my body wasn’t absorbing most of the nutrition from my food, my brain likely thought it was starving and holding onto every calorie I took in.  I also wouldn’t have been getting any benefit in the energy area either.  I can’t even pretend to understand everything I’ve read about that, but it kind of makes sense.

Either way, I’m only two weeks into this so I’ll have to see what happens.  Will I continue to feel better?  Will I continue to get rid of those pounds I’ve been fighting against for several years?

No one knows the answer to those questions…especially not me.  But for now, I seem to be on the right track.  I know that sounds a little negative but I’ve tried so many things in the past couple of years to try and feel better.  Some things worked temporarily.  Others not at all.  So it’s hard to get my hopes up too high…just in case it’s another fluke.

Next on the list of changes is to make some changes in my schedule so I can hopefully get a little more sleep.  I was doing good, for awhile, about laying down for an hour every afternoon…and it helped.  But me being me, naps are just not something I can give into easily, and it wasn’t long before I started finding excuses to avoid them. But the fact is, five or six hours of sleep every night just isn’t enough for me right now.  So I’ve got to change something.

One thing I’ve changed is to have several fruit smoothies every week.  I keep trying to build up to daily, and preferably twice a day, but my creativity in the smoothie area is a little lacking.

So I’m asking for some ideas.  Recipes, please.  I love the ones I do with orange juice, a banana and four strawberries, but strawberries fall into the goitrogen category and I don’t want to go overboard with them.  Mangoes look like a pain in the neck to peel, although I really like them in the McDonald’s mango-pineapple smoothie.  But I want to get away from those because I suspect they’re loaded with high fructose corn syrup.  So a recipe to make them-or something that tastes sort of like them-from nothing but fruit would be very much appreciated.

Are there any fruits or veggies that would go well with apples?  I know some people like to mix spinach leaves with them, but again we’re talking goitrogens.  I’d just like a bit of variety, only I’m not sure how to go about it.

Powdered Green Superfood

One of the keys to my plan for feeling better includes at least one serving of powdered green superfood-or as I prefer to call it- ‘swamp sludge.’


Because it’s supposed to provide highly concentrated nutrition for a reasonable price.  Depending on the brand you choose, each serving is said to provide 4-7 servings of veggies.  Even better, the ingredients used are organic so you don’t have to worry about a concentrated dose of chemicals.

After doing some research, and reading lots of product reviews on Amazon, I decided to give it a try…ignoring the reviews that said these products are delicious.  I know enough about supplementation to know that if something is really good for you, odds are it’s not going to taste good.

And I was right.  It doesn’t.  But it wasn’t until I’d ruined a few perfectly good smoothies that I decided to try it in four ounces of plain water.  Frankly, it didn’t taste nearly as bad that way, so that’s how I was taking it.

Part of a ruined smoothie…and this stuff is a LOT lighter in the photo than it is up close and personal!

After about a month I hadn’t noticed any improvement, but was so sleep deprived at the time that I decided I needed to make a better effort to spend more quality time with my pillow.  Unfortunately a schedule change made that a little tough to accomplish so I stopped ‘wasting’ the greens.

And now it turns out it might be a good thing.

According to Stop the Thyroid Madness (and lots of other websites), it seems that powdered greens are chock-full of goitrogens, something that can inhibit thyroid production.  With an under-active thyroid, this isn’t the best thing we can do for ourselves.

Goitrogens include cruciferous veggies, spinach, peaches, peanuts, radishes, strawberries (oh no!), and the worst offender of all…soy products.  Knowing that broccoli and strawberries are on that list just about breaks my heart.  But some are worse for us than others, while some of them don’t seem to have any affect at all.  I guess it just depends on the person, the condition of the thyroid, and how effective their meds are.

Apparently, though, if you cook these foods (yeah, that will work great for the fruits, won’t it?), it weakens the goitrogens, though anyone with hypothyroidism still needs to consume them in moderation.

So I guess I’ll see how hot the water is in my water cooler, mix the greens up in that and let it cool.  It’s not recommended to use it that way, but the website for one of the products I have says it’s better to have it that way than not at all.  Of course they could just be saying that to get you to keep buying their products, but I also know that you don’t kill all  of the nutrients in ‘real’ veggies by cooking them.

The whole strawberry thing is going to pose a bit of a problem, too, given my two-smoothie-a-day plan.  But I guess I’ll just split one serving between both and hope for the best.

And what else can those of us with hypothyroidism do except hope?  The whole treatment plan feels like a crap-shoot anyway.  Nothing but trial and error, so I’m not really surprised that figuring out which foods are okay for me is going to take a little experimentation, too.

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